The Best Cleaners for Industrial Products

Keeping your industrial products clean is a key part of their maintenance and longevity. They will, in turn, keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Any build-up or residue from the various chemicals, oils or other substances they come into contact with can have an adverse effect on their performance or cause irreparable damage. Keeping [...]

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9 ways how to be more customer-centric

HelloFresh sends me a message at the top of my Inbox twice a month with the subject line: "Hooray! You were paid today, Simon." It's a basic product function, but it makes me smile nonetheless. The HR app is commemorating what is typically a minor day for businesses but a major day in workers' lives. [...]

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Running a business from home: Creating space

More people than ever are working from home but it can be a real challenge to do Zoom calls with a backdrop of dirty dishes or to try to write reports squeezed in between a forgotten jigsaw puzzle and someone's half-eaten lunch. Having a dedicated space to work from has all sorts of practical and [...]

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How to manage employee benefits online

For the past twelve months, it seems as though everything has moved online. Whether we’re ordering a meal, watching a theatre production, studying, working and even socialising, it has been done in an online forum. How has this translated within your workplace? With everything shifting to a more virtual platform, you may be wondering how [...]

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How to host events for employees in the new normal

How to host events for employees in the new normal It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the business world. It is likely that businesses will be forever changed by the pandemic, so to stay on top of their game, leaders must adopt a new business model. With social distancing [...]

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The importance of digital marketing for the success of a business

With so much modern technology incorporated into our daily lives it’s perhaps little wonder that the concept of digital marketing is now fundamental to the success of any business, regardless of size, industry or location. Long gone are the days when calls were only made after 6pm of an evening from the home phone. Today’s [...]

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How Tatiana Kukanova Structures Her Writing

I have been friends with Tatiana Kukanova since we were in high school together and what brought us together was our love of reading and writing. After school, I decided to go down a different path from Tatiana Kukanova but we have always stayed in touch to talk about the hottest new novels or for [...]

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What Different Types Of Welders Are There?

As anyone will tell you that has experience in the industry or as doing it as a hobby, it can be empowering and exciting working with metal.  Watching the sparks fly as the heat turns up and transforming some strong and seemingly unyielding materials into products and shapes.  This skill obviously takes a lot of [...]

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Hightower Video team up with McMedia and Television Buying Company to provide one stop shop for TV adverts.

Hightower Video production have teamed up with leading media buying companies McMedia and The Television Buying Company to deliver fantastic television advert campaigns for SMEs and brands across the UK. It is widely known that television advertising is a phenomenal way of getting eyeballs on a new or existing product. What is less well known [...]


With the importance of online presence becoming more and more dominant within marketing strategies, it often becomes difficult for businesses of all sizes to successfully and effectively target their ideal audience within the local area. SeeLocal, an innovative online advertising platform designed to help local business’ focus their advertising on local customers in a simple [...]

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Scar Tissue Clothing Brand Launch

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release 24th Oct. 2016 Scar Tissue Clothing Launch Brand with Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection. Scar Tissue Clothing is a new Urban Wear Brand for men 18-35, making waves with their AW16 collection. With a growing Celebrity following, all of the products carry the Seed Of Life logo. The rise has been meteoric [...]

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Borgo Egnazia Now Offer Three Stunning Choices of First Class Accommodation!

Last year I was obsessed with France, having taken part in the Tour Du Mont Blanc with Salamander Adventures and their guided trek of the Mont Blanc massif. This year I'm all about Italy. Here are my thoughts on Italy as a holiday destination: Now with more choice than ever, enjoying the captivating culture of [...]

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Conveyor Systems Limited UK Launches The Spiral Conveyor Elevator

Derbyshire based Conveyor Systems Limited (CSL) looks to enhance business efficiency with the launch of the Spiral Conveyor Elevator. As a leading name in the conveyor systems industry, Conveyor Systems Limited has helped thousands of business actualise their efficiency dreams whilst redefining productivity. In a bid to continue in this path, they have launched the [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton Know Their Council Regulations.

Sussex based Sash Windows Brighton aren’t just fantastic tradesmen, they’re always up-to-date on the latest guidelines for getting sash window work approved by the council. For customers looking to get sash window work done on their commercial building or private residence, seeking approval from the council always seems to be a grey area. ‘Do I [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton Now Cover More Areas Than Ever Before!

Based in Brighton and Hove, Sash Windows Brighton now provide their ever expanding services in other parts of Sussex. Beyond their central neighbourhood of Brighton and Hove, Sash Windows Brighton have now expanded to accommodate areas in the far west of Sussex such as Shoreham and Worthing, as far north as Burgess Hill and Patcham [...]

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Leading Vaser Liposuction Company Riding the Wave

Advanced Lipo Centre, the UK’s leading Vaser specialist, is bringing a once scoffed at liposuction technique to the forefront of aesthetic surgeries, with proven results. This revolutionary liposuction technique uses ultrasound waves to break down fatty tissues and deposits without using invasive surgical techniques, allowing patients to return to their daily routine in a vastly [...]

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Hampshire and Sussex Carpet Cleaning Company Tops Value Survey

Leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company, Clean-a-carpet ( in Hampshire and Sussex has topped a recent survey by SEO Sussex. This further consolidates their position as a front runner in the marketplace. Hampshire, England, September 2015 Over recent years there have been a lot of cleaning companies emerge in the residential and cleaning markets. Many [...]

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Celebrate traditional Festivities in Style with Borgo Egnazia!

Visitors at the Borgo Egnazia resort get the exclusive opportunity to take part it authentic, ‘sagre’ Italian food festivals. Holiday-makers looking for the ultimate culture experience need look no further than visiting the luxury Borgo Egnazia resort during its summer months. Located in Puglia, which is famous all year round anyway for its delicious, regional [...]

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Clean a Carpet Refresh Their Website

Leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company, Clean a Carpet (, have announced the launch of their brand-new website. This signals another forward step for this fast-growing, impressive company. Since the credit crunch of 2008 cleaning companies have continued to prosper. One might have thought that penny-pinching would have necessitated a contraction in the sector. The [...]

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In need of some Winter Sun? Enjoy the Borgo Egnazia resort all year round!

When booking with Borgo Egnazia, customers needn’t wait until the summer months to get the holiday they deserve. There’s never a bad time to visit Italy. Located in the beautiful region of Puglia, the Borgo Egnazia resort provides sun-bleached landscapes, an unbeatable cultural experience and all-year-round booking opportunities. From villas, to luxury hotel rooms, to [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton are Proud to Showcase Their City and Guild’s Master Craftsman Certificate!

Sussex based Sash Windows Brighton have proven that they’re worthy of the much sought after ‘Guild of Master Craftsman’ status. With decades of experience working in the sash windows industry with thousands of unique customers and buildings, Sash Windows Brighton are proud to showcase their City and Guild’s Master Craftsman certificate - a highly regarded [...]

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Magnet therapy gets a perfect score!

In safety, reusability and effectiveness, says Norstar Magnetics In the world of magnetic therapy, the UK spotlight is on Norstar Magnetics, leading provider of magnetic health care products. They say magnets are safe and effective, and the evidence supports them. England, November 2015 When it comes to maintaining good health people are increasingly looking for [...]

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The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth

Smart Drive UK take a responsible approach to driving lessons in Bournemouth. The company philosophy is imbued with a sense of corporate responsibility, and not just the statistical practicality we see many driving schools around the UK. Continue reading “The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth” »

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Borgo Egnazia is Proud to Present its Award Winning Spa

Like everything at the Borgo Egnazia resort, their spa has been created uniquely to relax its visitors in true Italian style. No luxury resort is complete without a dedicated spa ready to kick relaxation to the next level. The Vair Spa at the Borgo Egnazia resort has won three prestigious awards since 2012. Prizes have [...]

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The service that provides the perfect wedding-at-home with all of the sentiment and none of the stress! 

Event Sussex understand the importance of a home wedding and have made it their specialty to transform the perfect location into a five-star venue. Home Wedding The idea of having a home wedding often feels like a dream that's always slightly out of reach. The monstrous task of organizing, hiring and overseeing the drama is enough [...]

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Franchise UK launch their new website: Franchise UK

In the year of 2015, there's no better time to be investing in franchises. With staggering statistics such as this years £13.7 billion annual turnover, it's no wonder that franchising is becoming such a fashionable, appealing option for investors from a variety of different backgrounds. Franchise UK are making it simple for everyone to get [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton is Proud to Introduce Their Blog

Right from the experts themselves, the Sash Windows Brighton blog is now available for everyone. Customer or not, everyone can now stay well informed by following the articles on the Sash Windows Brighton blog. Frequently updated and covering a wide range of topics, the introduction of their sash window blog strives to bring company and [...]

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is recommended by GJP Floor Sanding Ltd  

With recommendations from the experts themselves, customers are finding hardwood floor maintenance easier than ever. Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit Whilst they look timeless and classy wherever they go, it is not unknown to its customers that the hardwood floor requires extensive upkeep in order to look stylish and clean. Lucky for customers at GJP [...]

UK leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift

UK leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift Fans, followers, customers and interested parties now look forward to meeting Norstar Magnetics with a new, glowing online visage. The brand recently got a complete website makeover; a revamp that distills the company’s ideology of making everyday life hassle-free into a new online presence built on [...]

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World leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift

New And Glowing Online Visage The brand recently got a complete website makeover; a fashionable revamp that distills the company’s ideology of making everyday life hassle-free into a new online presence built on the very same principle. So what can you expect from the new website? Simply put, it’s everything you wanted to know about magnetic therapy [...]

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Introducing – the Magnessage!

Norstar Magnetics Increases Availability of its Star Performer A safe, effective, reliable, non-invasive and painless way to help relieve pain and make every day more comfortable - this is magnet therapy front-runner, Norstar Magnetic’s promise. And so far, it seems as though the company has delivered. As the company helps more and more customers to [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton are Promoting Energy Effective Designs

Sussex Based Sash Windows Brighton are Experts When it Comes to High Performance, Energy Saving Designs. Moving into 2016, our fight for climate change continues and who better to have on hand than the local energy saving experts at Sash Windows Brighton. More than just a quality installation service, Sash Windows Brighton have decades of [...]

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Your event of a lifetime now with an eco-friendly promise

Recognizing, combatting and reducing any harm their work may cause to the environment, Super Event Sussex publicize their Green policy. With plans already set in motion and many more future intentions that will come into place once their green policy is firmly embedded into the company dynamic, there is no end to the steps Super Event Sussex [...]

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South East Vehicle Valeting Use and Promote Lifeshine by Autoglym

Based in Sussex, South East Vehicle Valeting pride themselves on only using the best products around. Lifeshine by Autoglym is promoted by South East Vehicle Valeting as offering 'advanced systems of protective treatments to help keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of ownership.' Not only does Lifeshine cover all areas of car valeting [...]

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Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow

Smart Drive, a leading driving school in Littlehampton, has gone from strength to strength over recent years. With the launch of a brand new website, packed with innovative features, the impressive rise and rise of this excellent company looks set to continue. Continue reading “Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow” »

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Astonishing Poole Driving Lesson Pass Rates with Smart Drive

Leading Poole driving school, Smart Drive, is achieving incredible driving lesson pass rates. Not only that, many of its new drivers are passing the practical test with fewer than four minor faults. These astonishing results are down to the personalised approach that this driving school in Poole takes to every student. Continue reading “Astonishing Poole [...]

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How to boost your underperforming communications function

If your press office or communications department is not up to scratch, using consultancy could be the answer. Communications consultant Ollie Wilson chalked up 12 years of experience as Director of Communications of national organisations including the Catholic Church in England & Wales and the country landowners (CLA). Continue reading “How to boost your underperforming [...]

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Magnetic Bracelets: Topping the Charts!

Norstar Magnetics Highlights the Increasing Popularity of Magnetic Bracelets Norstar Magnetics (, leading provider of magnetic healthcare products states that more and more people will embrace magnetic bracelets worldwide as the therapeutic properties are researched further. England, November 2015 Not so long ago, bracelets were known only for their ability to make you look good; [...]

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Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme

Smart Drive, the leading driving school in Worthing, is expanding its driving lesson gift scheme. This innovative idea enables family members and friends to gift driving lessons in Worthing for birthdays, Christmas or just to say well done. Continue reading “Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme” »

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