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Magnetic Bracelets: Topping the Charts!

Norstar Magnetics Highlights the Increasing Popularity of Magnetic Bracelets

Norstar Magnetics (, leading provider of magnetic healthcare products states that more and more people will embrace magnetic bracelets worldwide as the therapeutic properties are researched further.

England, November 2015

Not so long ago, bracelets were known only for their ability to make you look good; a stylish accessory. Now, with the advent of magnets as a viable form of complementary therapy, bracelets are both stylish accessories and powerful healing tools.

A report on a study in the British Medical Journal revealed that, according to the results experienced by sufferers, magnetic bracelets, worn by thousands to relieve arthritis, ‘really work’. The study involved the observation of 194 patients aged 45 to 80 who had osteoarthritis of the hip or knee. The group was divided into three, each with either the standard magnetic bracelet, a weak one or a dummy version with zero magnetism. The revelation at the end of the study determined that the pain was significantly reduced in the patients wearing the standard bracelets, in comparison to the other two groups.

Norstar Magnetics offers multiple bracelets in its product portfolio. In addition to aiding good health, products such as the Chelsea bracelet, Kate bracelet, Link bracelet, Kylie bracelet and Victoria bracelet are also very good looking. Anecdotal reports state that magnetic bracelets ( provide relief and alleviate symptoms to multiple health problems, including high blood pressure, depression, bursitis, chronic fatigue, cold and flue, diabetes, eczema, kidney problems, multiple sclerosis, magnetic field deficiency syndrome, menopause, osteoporosis, panic attacks, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder pain, stress and tension.

While magnetic bracelets ( have all these anecdotal benefits experts at Norstar Magnetics say more research will lead to firmer acceptance of the technology, and better application of it. Alan at Norstar Magnetics explains that “you need to choose a product according to the results desired. Treating knee pain with a bracelet, for instance, will not have the desired outcome. Moreover, any magnet less than 800 gauss on the surface of the skin will not yield any benefit. Norstar bracelets typically come with a surface gauss of 1200; the ideal strength for maximum advantage. More research will help us understand more about what is optimal for different ailments. What is clear though is that the bracelets work.”

After using a magnetic bracelet, a delighted customer said, “I purchased the Norstar link bracelet because each morning I could not open my fingers up until I was up and on the move. A short time after wearing the bracelet I noticed there was no problem and there has continued to be no problem ever since.”

Norstar Magnetics magnetic bracelets are great looking, easy to mix and match with other products and have powerful therapeutic capabilities. Together with Norstar Magnetics’s other products, which include lumbar supports, the Magnessage, body wraps and pillow pads, magnetic bracelets are an effective, safe, non-invasive and painless way of dealing with everyday ailments.

About Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics, world-leader in magnetic therapy, was formed in 2007, although its products have been around since 2000. Over the years, the company’s innovative products have won over the confidence of customers by providing them with an alternative route to wellness and pain-relief.

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