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How to manage employee benefits online

For the past twelve months, it seems as though everything has moved online. Whether we’re ordering a meal, watching a theatre production, studying, working and even socialising, it has been done in an online forum. How has this translated within your workplace?

With everything shifting to a more virtual platform, you may be wondering how you can manage your employee benefits online. Is it worth making the transition? Here are some things to consider when deciding how to manage employee benefits online.


Cost is always one of the top priorities when you are thinking about making any kind of practical change. Investing in new technology can seem overwhelming, both financially and because you are not certain how it will work. When it comes to finances, there will probably be a cost both for setting up your new platform and a monthly fee. However, when you look at the time saved by going digital and automating the process through a system, you will likely decide it is more than worth it.

Costs will vary, but the time saved will give you an excellent return on investment. Choosing the perfect platform will invariably save your company money over the years.

Security features

Security matters, and it isn’t something you will want to dismiss. Keeping your employee data secure should be top of your agenda, both for personal reasons and in order to make sure you are compliant with GDPR laws. Make sure the platform you select has all the relevant certifications, and ask them how they stay on top of security breaches year on year – see if they have suffered from any lately before making a decision.

Your benefits

You will require a platform that is compatible with the current benefits that you offer your workforce – and to consider that the benefits you offer on the refreshed platform will need to be better than this. This will help you to know which platform is best for you and make administering employee benefits that much easier. You are able to administer employee benefits online with Zest Benefits in a way that is approachable for you and offers a transparent benefits structure.

The extras

An online benefits system is not just a way to handily manage your employee benefits in a single location. As we move away from the traditional office environment, this is an important factor, however, most great benefits systems have other features to consider, too.

Many platforms (and there are many throughout the world!) offer bespoke branding so that you can remain strongly brand-led and have a clear message that is felt throughout every element of the employee experience.

Whatever kind of employee benefits you offer your workforce, learning the best way to manage them online is an important part of stepping into the future of business.

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