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Content Submission Guidelines

Small Business Wire publishes as an online press release distributor. We publish user-generated content. But what kind of content do we accept and publish?

We would like our users to submit headline-making stories about their products, services, organization, company or website. Since we accept press releases from our users, we have outlined several things to ensure that your content gets published. If you follow our guidelines below, Small Business Wire will gladly publish your press release for you.

We encourage users to submit news that tell stories related, but not limited, to the following:

  • Stories on organizations, clubs and individuals dedicated to economic or social justice.
  • Stories about various organizations such as church, communities, schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Positive stories, which can affect our worldview.
  • Well-organized and thoroughly researched stories that are updated and timely. We don’t publish stories that are misleading or contain misinformation, nor do we publish defamatory materials.
  • First hand stories of demonstrations or progressive actions. We encourage users to submit eyewitness accounts of worthy events on issues that are important to their cause.
  • Important international and local issues. We are interested to know what is going on wherever you may be on the planet.

If you’re still wondering if your story is worthy for publishing, please check the factors that affect the newsworthiness of your submitted content:



Spam postings disguised as press release submissions will not be accepted. We consider outright advertisements for a company, product, service, and/or website to be spam submissions. Your account will be banned for an undetermined amount of time if you are submitting spam. The editors of Small Business Wire ultimately decide whether it is or it is not spam so please refrain from doing it. Think!

Misleading and/or Wrong Information

Please research and verify your stories before submitting. We do not publish any impersonation, disinformation, or information discrediting any individual, company or organization. We do not tolerate being used as a vehicle to target individuals, groups, companies or organizations.


Discriminatory Practices

Press releases which advocate and purposefully incite negativity or generalization towards race, gender, culture, beliefs, class, ethnic groups, gender and sexual orientation will not be accepted.

Inappropriate Stories

Submissions which contain explicit content, geared towards the obscene, whether or not they are pornographic in nature or just deemed inappropriate, will not be accepted.

We do not accept any press release that is written in unreadable languages or formats, written in all CAPS, and/or represents duplicate,non-unique content.


Here at Small Business Wire, we encourage our users to send in any press submissions even those that express disagreements with our editors’ opinions as long as they are within the guidelines. You can get started today. Signing up is free of charge so you can start submitting press releases in no time. Just make sure you take the time to make them newsworthy.

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