The Best Places to Charter A Yacht for An Unforgettable Vacation

Are you searching for an unforgettable vacation? Look no further than chartering a yacht. Chartering a yacht is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore the world’s most beautiful destinations. From the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean to the picturesque beaches of the Mediterranean, there are countless stunning [...]

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How does EB-5 Visa Program Benefits foreigners and US citizens?

The U.S. green card process can be a long, complicated and stressful road for many foreign nationals who want to become permanent residents or naturalized citizens of the United States. If you are interested in immigrating to the U.S. but do not meet the standard criteria for one of the many available green card programs, [...]

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The Best Golf Courses In Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for golf holidays. The country has a number of high-quality golf courses, particularly in regions like Belek, Antalya, and Istanbul. These courses are well-maintained and offer stunning views, making them a great choice for golf enthusiasts. The mild climate allows for golfing year-round, making it an attractive destination for Turkey [...]

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Borgo Egnazia Now Offer Three Stunning Choices of First Class Accommodation!

Last year I was obsessed with France, having taken part in the Tour Du Mont Blanc with Salamander Adventures and their guided trek of the Mont Blanc massif. This year I'm all about Italy. Here are my thoughts on Italy as a holiday destination: Now with more choice than ever, enjoying the captivating culture of [...]

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Celebrate traditional Festivities in Style with Borgo Egnazia!

Visitors at the Borgo Egnazia resort get the exclusive opportunity to take part it authentic, ‘sagre’ Italian food festivals. Holiday-makers looking for the ultimate culture experience need look no further than visiting the luxury Borgo Egnazia resort during its summer months. Located in Puglia, which is famous all year round anyway for its delicious, regional [...]

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In need of some Winter Sun? Enjoy the Borgo Egnazia resort all year round!

When booking with Borgo Egnazia, customers needn’t wait until the summer months to get the holiday they deserve. There’s never a bad time to visit Italy. Located in the beautiful region of Puglia, the Borgo Egnazia resort provides sun-bleached landscapes, an unbeatable cultural experience and all-year-round booking opportunities. From villas, to luxury hotel rooms, to [...]

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Premier Resort Wins Award for Irresistible Star-Gazing Experience

The Ritz Carlton, Abama Resort, the premier destination for travelers visiting Tenerife in Guia de Isora, offers guests one of the most impressive star-gazing destinations in the world. Utilizing its own private beachfront, Abama beach, the resort affords world travelers the chance to get away from light soaked skies and smog ridden cities and enjoy [...]

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Borgo Egnazia is Proud to Present its Award Winning Spa

Like everything at the Borgo Egnazia resort, their spa has been created uniquely to relax its visitors in true Italian style. No luxury resort is complete without a dedicated spa ready to kick relaxation to the next level. The Vair Spa at the Borgo Egnazia resort has won three prestigious awards since 2012. Prizes have [...]

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Leading TEFL Company Continues Impressive Expansion

A leading TEFL academy has reached 30 training locations and is continuing to expand. The progress of theTEFLAcademy is a clear indication of the buoyancy of the TEFL market at the moment. Belfast, Ireland, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding at an impressive rate over recent years. The academy, which specializes in delivering face [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy offering jobs around the world

theTEFLAcedemy, the number one TEFL course ( provider in the UK, is offering an impressive array of TEFL jobs around the world. Those that pass TEFL courses now have more exciting options than ever before. Brighton, England, August 2015 – TEFL has grown as a field over the last two decades, driven by the trend [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy expands into York

The leading UK TEFL course academy, theTEFLAcademy, has established a new base in York. With expansion into Limerick also happening this year, the company is demonstrating the buoyancy of the TEFL market. York, England, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding fast over recent years, highlighting the demand for TEFL courses around the UK. It [...]

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The Ritz Carlton Abama Resort makes summer accessible for all this year with a 15% discount!

Situated in Guía de Isora in Tenerife the Luxury beach resort, Ritz Carlton Abama are offering multiple summer deals and discounts. In middle of August there seems to be no end to this gloomy English weather in sight and many are crying out for a short break to the breathtaking, panoramic ocean views of Tenerife. [...]

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