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How to Send Press Releases via Email

You have written a great press release, and now you want it read by your target market. An efficient email campaign is one of the most successful ways of achieving wider press release distribution.

There are several aspects to an effective email campaign in press release distribution. You must have a process in place for finding the right journalists and media outlets, reach out to them, and fosterstrong connections with them. You do this not just before your press campaigns, but also during and after your distribution process.

Here are some tips to successfully send those press releases via email:


Identify The Right Reporters and Media Outlets

Your successful press release distribution campaign all starts with a good list of journalists and media partners, but coming up with that list is the tricky part. You must conduct thorough research to ensure that you have better open rates, improved response rates, and reliable publishing rates. Different reporters and media outlets have their own interests so it’s crucial that you connect with those who have the same priorities as you. All it takes is a few to run with your story and you can get tremendous exposure.

Create Professionally Structured Emails

These media people receive tons of publication requests every day. You need to stand out from the rest and pique the reporter’s interest from the very start. The best way to do this is write your emails professionally, presenting your information accurately but with no hard sale. You must also make sure that you adhere to their publication guidelines, because, no matter how well written your email might be, if it doesn’t follow their editorial guidelines it will not gain any traction.


Manage Your Campaigns Efficiently

How will you know you are making a difference with your email campaign? Which areas in your press release distribution process do you need to improve? These are just two questions that Small Business Wire can help you answer. We will give you your metrics so you can better manage and effectivelytrack your mass email campaigns and personalized campaigns.

Promote Better Relationships With Your Media Network

People love familiarity and this is even more important for someone in the media. Reporters and media outlets are inclined to publish content from people and businesses that they have a long and tested relationship with. We will help you create new relationships and cultivate existing ones with reporters who could be inclined to cover your stories.


Remember, the press is a powerful and independent entity. Your press release campaigns must run parallel to the interests of the media so they can help you leverage your business, market to a wider audience, and convert more prospects. Sending your press release via email doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to know where and how to get started.

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