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Magnet therapy gets a perfect score!

In safety, reusability and effectiveness, says Norstar Magnetics

In the world of magnetic therapy, the UK spotlight is on Norstar Magnetics, leading provider of magnetic health care products. They say magnets are safe and effective, and the evidence supports them.

England, November 2015

When it comes to maintaining good health people are increasingly looking for alternatives to painful, invasive procedures that involve drugs and side effects.  Consequently, the demand for safe and reliable alternate therapies is on the rise. Using magnets to deal with pain and physical ailments is one such form of complementary therapy that has grown in popularity, and gained credibility in the medical profession.

For alternate therapy seekers, Norstar Magnetics’s expansive product portfolio is an emphatic yes on every front. Touted as non-invasive, drug-free, used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists, safe and effective, free from side-effects, reusable and affordable, accepted by doctors and clinics worldwide, Norstar Magnetic’s magnetic therapy is every customer’s dream come true.


Some controversy around the tested benefits of magnetic therapy has been a point of contention in the medical fraternity. But the success of the therapy is evident as the numbers speak for themselves. With an impressive 35 million customers across 22 countries, Dr Mark Atkinson of Norstar Biomagnetics sees magnetic therapy as a growing market. Putting all doubts surrounding the therapy to rest, Dr Mark Atkinson said that a study published by the World Health Organisation in 1987 ‘laid to rest the notion that magnets in the strengths commonly used for therapeutic uses have any detrimental effect on the human body’.

Many successful research projects have established the effectiveness of treating ailments using magnetic therapy. Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, for instance, found that between 80-90% of patients suffering from sport injuries and pain from accidents experienced relief post magnetic therapy.

Norstar Magnetics’s product range includes lumbar supports, ankle wraps, body wraps, magnetic insoles, magnetic coasters, The Magnessage and pillow pads to name a few. The diversified portfolio allows customers to use different products for different conditions. From headaches and migraines to nerve pain, circulation issues to back pain, joint problems to stiffness, there’s a magnet for everything! Experts say there is only one way of testing your receptiveness to a magnetic therapy product – try it out for yourself!

Norstar Magnetic’s products have received glowing reviews. One customer in particular, Judith Hicks, who had been using the Magnessage for her arthritic hands, told the company, “I was skeptical at first but open-minded to any help. It’s definitely helped my hands. I have been using it for just 5 minutes twice a day and the swollen nodules on my fingers have gone down. I can move my hands better and can go back to cooking and gardening with ease. I’m glad I have it now, for future flare-ups.”

Magnetic therapy helps to expedite the body’s healing process. It improves blood circulation and flushes out toxins. Typically, the user experiences the benefit in the form of reduced swelling, improved nerve regeneration and better joint functionality.

In comparison to other forms of alternative therapy Norstar Magnetics is an affordable, easy-to-use and widely prevalent option. The Magneton magnetic wand, for instance, is lightweight, handheld, rechargeable and is available for only £99. Most static magnetic therapy products are available in the range of £9 to £40. Small price to pay for a world of good health!

About Norstar Magnetics

Norstar Magnetics, a leader in magnetic therapy, has been developing and selling magnetic products since 2000, although back then, it was under a different name. In 2007, Norstar Magnetics was formed, and, in the intervening years, the company has amassed a considerable customer base through ingenious products that yield amazing results.

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