In need of some Winter Sun? Enjoy the Borgo Egnazia resort all year round!

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In need of some Winter Sun? Enjoy the Borgo Egnazia resort all year round!

When booking with Borgo Egnazia, customers needn’t wait until the summer months to get the holiday they deserve.

There’s never a bad time to visit Italy. Located in the beautiful region of Puglia, the Borgo Egnazia resort provides sun-bleached landscapes, an unbeatable cultural experience and all-year-round booking opportunities. From villas, to luxury hotel rooms, to traditional-style Apuglia townhouses, the experience at Borgo Egnazia is never ending.

During the colder, low season months, though the sea might be slightly cold, there is never an end to the activities visitors can enjoy on the Borgo Egnazia resort. Drive and putt across the San Domenico Golf Club, play tennis in the sea-breeze and among ancient olive trees, enjoy the water sports on the Borgo Egnazia private beach Cala Masicola, or learn the art of traditional Apulia cuisine in their Cooking School.

Amy Bryce for Borgo Egnazia says, “Luckily for our customers, the magic of Puglia stays with us throughout all four seasons. We love catering for guests looking to soak up some winter sun. They’re always pleasantly surprised by how taken in by the unforgettable culture and scenery they are without the sweltering heats of a Mediterranean august. We find they take advantage of our quieter months and really use the time to relax. Enjoy the use of our fantastic restaurants and our award-winning spa!”

To explore the wide range of options available with Borgo Egnazia, to book a weekend away from the winter drizzle of the UK or to simply find out more, follow the link to their website at the bottom of the page. Their site even features a sign-up newsletter, where recipients are always the first to find out about exclusive deals all year round!

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About Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Engazia are a luxury holiday resort located in the beautiful Pulgian region of Italy. With traditional architecture and a first-class experience at the heart of their business, visitors can choose between staying in their Apuglian townhouses, hotel or villas. The resort also comes with a variety of restaurants, spa and leisure activities. Family friendly, romance friendly and relaxation friendly, Borgo Egnazia cater to all holiday makers looking for the ultimate, Italian getaway.

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