The service that provides the perfect wedding-at-home with all of the sentiment and none of the stress! 

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The service that provides the perfect wedding-at-home with all of the sentiment and none of the stress! 

Event Sussex understand the importance of a home wedding and have made it their specialty to transform the perfect location into a five-star venue.

Home Wedding

The idea of having a home wedding often feels like a dream that’s always slightly out of reach. The monstrous task of organizing, hiring and overseeing the drama is enough stress to put anyone off; weddings are supposed to be happy after all! Help is at hand with the house catering services by Super Event Sussex. Guests can be guaranteed their entire event will be organised in the comfort of their own home with the same poise and professionalism expected from some of the top fashionable five-star venues – complete with those all important personal touches!

When choosing to host an event at home, Super Event Sussex work alongside their customers meticulously, executing all of their wedding catering and marquee hire ( wishes to perfection and ensuring every detail is taken care of. They’ll even make a non-obligatory visit to the venue to assess the grounds and come up with the best home marquee solutions.

Amy Bryce for Super Event Sussex says, It’s not just a wedding we are planning for, it’s your wedding, and it matters as much to us as it does you. Over the years, we’ve undertaken hundreds of Home Marquee Weddings here at Super Event, our experience in this area is second to none.”

To learn more about what’s including in the Super Event home marquee wedding package or for any other services they offer, visit their website to find a stunning display of photographs, video blogs and customer testimonials giving the perfect insight into what to expect from Super Event Sussex. Customers can contact the company directly for any specific inquiries where a member of the team will be happy to advise.

About Super Event Sussex

Planning the memories that will be remembered for years to come, Super Event Sussex an expert catering and marquee hire service specialising in weddings and large scale events. They offer everything from food and drinks to an all inclusive service that takes care of every last detail, allowing customers to simply sit back and enjoy their special day. Thanks to their established partners, they have many beautiful venues in the South of England available for hire including Slaugham Place, Saltcote ( and the idyllic Keepers Meed. With the highest quality equipment, a professional team behind them and absolutely no subcontracting, Super Event Sussex can guarantee you the smooth running event of a lifetime!

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