With the importance of online presence becoming more and more dominant within marketing strategies, it often becomes difficult for businesses of all sizes to successfully and effectively target their ideal audience within the local area.

SeeLocal, an innovative online advertising platform designed to help local business’ focus their advertising on local customers in a simple format, was launched in 2014 after the realisation of the need for a new platform of advertising specifically designed for the local area. It offers a cost-effective solution that aims to make local advertising simple, helping customers to reach their local target market.

How does it work?

It works, by combining sophisticated targeting in the local area with high quality display adverts and messaging. From small businesses to corporate giants, the tool is invaluable, removing all the challenges your business faces and offering a simple solution that can be viewed and followed using your own online account.

SeeLocal understands that businesses need to be able to access and monitor the results of their campaign throughout. For this reason, you will have your own log-in, where you can view your account. Your account will show a live reporting dashboard, which websites your ads are showing on, how many clicks are being generated and how many users have visited your landing page as a result of the campaign.  If you do not currently have a landing page, they will create a custom, conversion optimised landing page for you as part of your campaign package. In addition to this, you will also receive regular report updates via email so you can keep track how your campaign is performing.

SeeLocal’s easy to use platform is divided in to different categories, with the intention of helping customers create campaigns to meet a variety of objectives such as:

  • Footfall
  • Sales
  • Customer enquiries
  • Events
  • Video news

All campaigns are also protected by ‘Campaign Guard’ SeeLocal’, a sophisticated and unique algorithm that monitors campaign performance and pauses the campaign if the performance indicators are not met to save your money. Your designated, specialist campaign manager will then contact you to discuss any changes that may need to be made before re-launching your campaign.

SeeLocal’s innovative and professional service allows businesses to narrow down their ads to niche audiences, and ensure their brand is reaching the right people in their target audience.

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