How to host events for employees in the new normal

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How to host events for employees in the new normal

How to host events for employees in the new normal

It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the business world. It is likely that businesses will be forever changed by the pandemic, so to stay on top of their game, leaders must adopt a new business model.

With social distancing rules and health and safety guidelines preventing in-person events right now, leaders have the challenge of organising employee events that are in line with the current guidelines.

With that in mind, what will staff events look like in 2021? Will they have to adapt even more as the year continues? How will leaders host their usual team building events or staff parties, while navigating remote working and social distancing? Let’s go through some of the options available to businesses right now.

How to host events during the pandemic

Traditional employee events require close contact that is no longer an option during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean events can’t happen at all. Hosting events, especially virtual team-building events, is essential for maintaining morale and employee communication.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, whether it is a party, awards ceremony, or team-building exercise, here are some tips for hosting them in 2021 and beyond.

Hybrid events

A great alternative to hosting traditional in-person events is to adopt a hybrid approach. A hybrid event combines an online event with an in-person element. However, most of the attendees remain virtual.

A hybrid approach can be used for most events including formal business conferences and relaxed entertainment. For example, leaders could arrange a Netflix party where employees can stream the same film whilst being in a live group video call. Alternatively, if there is room in the budget, you could also socially distance whilst watching a film on a projector outside in a garden, with the option of streaming in via video call if some people prefer.

Virtual party

Just because we can’t be with each other in-person, that does not mean that leaders must cancel any plans for a staff party. This is the perfect excuse to bond with co-workers and to build relationships! Leaders can arrange a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) policy or even order from a drinks delivery service for all the attendees. You may even want to tie a cocktail making class in with the event by hosting one before the party begins.

Your party may be over video call but that does not mean the entertainment has to be lacking or written off altogether. There are many fun options for virtual parties such as virtual bingo, live drawings, and games. With the entertainment and event planning industry adopting inventive ways to keep your events going, the options really are limitless.

Virtual awards ceremony

If your company hosts an annual business awards ceremony, there are ways to keep your event alive. Leaders can consider an array of video-hosting options, with the usual speakers offering their piece by streaming in via a video call. While some of the usual evening plans will not be able to go ahead virtually, such as an evening sit down meal, it remains a great reason to dress up and celebrate the achievements of employees over the last year and during the pandemic.

Host a ‘fun’ awards ceremony

A great way to have a good old laugh with your co-workers is by running a satirical awards evening. Keep it light-hearted and make sure that no award will upset any employees. After all, the purpose of this type of evening is to bond your team together.

Some example awards could be Most Interesting Zoom Background, Most Disruptive Child During Virtual Meetings, and Best Dressed.

Challenges and competitions

If you have a particularly competitive team in your workplace, this would be a great way to have some fun. You could host either a one-off competition evening or have a competition running for a few weeks. For example, you could set employees the goal of reaching 10,000 steps in a day for a bit of cheerful competition.

The bottom line

If your business is big on hosting events for your employees, it is time to try out some of these virtual events. Let us know if you try out any and what you enjoyed. Have fun, grow positive relationships, and most importantly – stay safe!

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