What’s the Best Time of the Day to Hit the Gym?

For some of us, find the time for the gym at all is a challenge in itself, not to mention choosing what time that will be. If, however, you belong to the group of the lucky ones who can actually afford to pick a time for a workout, it could be useful to know what [...]

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How Have Web Users Changed Over 20 Years?

Google was introduced on the World Wide Web in 1998, and since then web users have evolved rapidly. With the development of smartphone technology, a rise in competitors and many different uses for the internet, it comes as no surprise that a record-breaking 3.2 billion people were online in 2017 – nearly half the world’s [...]

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Why Charity Business Events Are Important

Sometimes it's hard to select a charity that you would like your business to fundraise for, simply because there are so many of them. However, despite the myriad of options a little bit of focus is all that's needed and you can then plan your business's charitable fundraising activities. So why do so many businesses [...]

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2017’s Unsure Economic Conditions Sustain ‘safe haven’ Status Of French Ski Home Market

Guaranteed rental returns, a strong dollar and very attractive mortgage rates continue to make ski homes in the French Alps an attractive option to international investors looking for a secure immovable asset during 2017. Political and economic uncertainty throughout global markets are helping to steer wealthy investors to property in established markets, where prices are [...]

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The service that provides the perfect wedding-at-home with all of the sentiment and none of the stress! 

Event Sussex understand the importance of a home wedding and have made it their specialty to transform the perfect location into a five-star venue. Home Wedding The idea of having a home wedding often feels like a dream that's always slightly out of reach. The monstrous task of organizing, hiring and overseeing the drama is enough [...]

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Leading TEFL Company Continues Impressive Expansion

A leading TEFL academy has reached 30 training locations and is continuing to expand. The progress of theTEFLAcademy is a clear indication of the buoyancy of the TEFL market at the moment. Belfast, Ireland, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding at an impressive rate over recent years. The academy, which specializes in delivering face [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy offering jobs around the world

theTEFLAcedemy, the number one TEFL course ( provider in the UK, is offering an impressive array of TEFL jobs around the world. Those that pass TEFL courses now have more exciting options than ever before. Brighton, England, August 2015 – TEFL has grown as a field over the last two decades, driven by the trend [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy expands into York

The leading UK TEFL course academy, theTEFLAcademy, has established a new base in York. With expansion into Limerick also happening this year, the company is demonstrating the buoyancy of the TEFL market. York, England, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding fast over recent years, highlighting the demand for TEFL courses around the UK. It [...]

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South East Vehicle Valeting Use and Promote Lifeshine by Autoglym

Based in Sussex, South East Vehicle Valeting pride themselves on only using the best products around. Lifeshine by Autoglym is promoted by South East Vehicle Valeting as offering 'advanced systems of protective treatments to help keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of ownership.' Not only does Lifeshine cover all areas of car valeting [...]

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