How is artificial intelligence impacting the automotive industry?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s becoming more prominent as each year goes by. There are many examples of how AI is used in technology today. Streaming service Netflix is one of the biggest in the world and a great example of how we have been a victim of AI without even knowing! Netflix uses [...]

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Try the Pass Plus scheme with Smart Drive UK

Smart Drive UK offers the pass plus scheme to customers with a full UK driver’s license. Tailored tuition for all is the goal set by Smart Drive UK and the same goes for their pass plus scheme. Statistics show that drivers with a pass plus license are less likely to be involved in an accident [...]

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The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth

Smart Drive UK take a responsible approach to driving lessons in Bournemouth. The company philosophy is imbued with a sense of corporate responsibility, and not just the statistical practicality we see many driving schools around the UK. Continue reading “The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth” »

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Smart Drive UK introduces their driving instructor franchise.

Introducing simple franchising with Smart Drive UK where the instructor is in control. Smart Drive UK is proud to present its ‘no risk’ franchise, a simple way for driving instructors to get pupils, stay in control and not run into financial risk. With no start up costs, nothing to pay for 4 weeks and a [...]

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South East Vehicle Valeting Use and Promote Lifeshine by Autoglym

Based in Sussex, South East Vehicle Valeting pride themselves on only using the best products around. Lifeshine by Autoglym is promoted by South East Vehicle Valeting as offering 'advanced systems of protective treatments to help keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of ownership.' Not only does Lifeshine cover all areas of car valeting [...]

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Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow

Smart Drive, a leading driving school in Littlehampton, has gone from strength to strength over recent years. With the launch of a brand new website, packed with innovative features, the impressive rise and rise of this excellent company looks set to continue. Continue reading “Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow” »

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Astonishing Poole Driving Lesson Pass Rates with Smart Drive

Leading Poole driving school, Smart Drive, is achieving incredible driving lesson pass rates. Not only that, many of its new drivers are passing the practical test with fewer than four minor faults. These astonishing results are down to the personalised approach that this driving school in Poole takes to every student. Continue reading “Astonishing Poole [...]

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Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme

Smart Drive, the leading driving school in Worthing, is expanding its driving lesson gift scheme. This innovative idea enables family members and friends to gift driving lessons in Worthing for birthdays, Christmas or just to say well done. Continue reading “Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme” »

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Bespoke vehicles are fast becoming the custom tailor solution to business’ transportation requirements.

Surrey- based Glacier Vehicles promotes its unique bespoke vehicle range, available to customers across the UK and Europe. Continue reading “Bespoke vehicles are fast becoming the custom tailor solution to business’ transportation requirements.” »

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Free nationwide delivery brings Glacier Vehicles’ refrigerated services to every corner of the country.

  Ever ensuring that their customers needs are top priority, Surrey- based Glacier Vehicles introduce a nationwide delivery service on all their products. It is a well known fact that however small, disruptions during the working day lose money for businesses of any size. Therefore it is only good news for companies that use refrigerated [...]

The results are in: Glacier Vehicles announce the 4 best refrigerated vans for your business.

Surrey- based Glacier Vehicles use there unique expertise to advise their customers on which vehicles they rank on top. Continue reading “The results are in: Glacier Vehicles announce the 4 best refrigerated vans for your business.” »

The Ford Transit 2015 ‘exceeds expectations’ as it is put through the motions by Glacier Vehicles.

  Surrey- based Glacier Vehicles hold the new Ford Transit 2015 in very high regard as they test out the new model against their ever tough-to-impress standards. ‘Striving to become greener’ is the phrase heard by everybody today, not least by companies who require a large amount of road transportation in order to make their [...]