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Sash Windows Brighton Know Their Council Regulations.

Sussex based Sash Windows Brighton aren’t just fantastic tradesmen, they’re always up-to-date on the latest guidelines for getting sash window work approved by the council. For customers looking to get sash window work done on their commercial building or private residence, seeking approval from the council always seems to be a grey area. ‘Do I [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton Now Cover More Areas Than Ever Before!

Based in Brighton and Hove, Sash Windows Brighton now provide their ever expanding services in other parts of Sussex. Beyond their central neighbourhood of Brighton and Hove, Sash Windows Brighton have now expanded to accommodate areas in the far west of Sussex such as Shoreham and Worthing, as far north as Burgess Hill and Patcham [...]

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Leading Vaser Liposuction Company Riding the Wave

Advanced Lipo Centre, the UK’s leading Vaser specialist, is bringing a once scoffed at liposuction technique to the forefront of aesthetic surgeries, with proven results. This revolutionary liposuction technique uses ultrasound waves to break down fatty tissues and deposits without using invasive surgical techniques, allowing patients to return to their daily routine in a vastly [...]

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Hampshire and Sussex Carpet Cleaning Company Tops Value Survey

Leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company, Clean-a-carpet ( in Hampshire and Sussex has topped a recent survey by SEO Sussex. This further consolidates their position as a front runner in the marketplace. Hampshire, England, September 2015 Over recent years there have been a lot of cleaning companies emerge in the residential and cleaning markets. Many [...]

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Celebrate traditional Festivities in Style with Borgo Egnazia!

Visitors at the Borgo Egnazia resort get the exclusive opportunity to take part it authentic, ‘sagre’ Italian food festivals. Holiday-makers looking for the ultimate culture experience need look no further than visiting the luxury Borgo Egnazia resort during its summer months. Located in Puglia, which is famous all year round anyway for its delicious, regional [...]

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Clean a Carpet Refresh Their Website

Leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company, Clean a Carpet (, have announced the launch of their brand-new website. This signals another forward step for this fast-growing, impressive company. Since the credit crunch of 2008 cleaning companies have continued to prosper. One might have thought that penny-pinching would have necessitated a contraction in the sector. The [...]

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In need of some Winter Sun? Enjoy the Borgo Egnazia resort all year round!

When booking with Borgo Egnazia, customers needn’t wait until the summer months to get the holiday they deserve. There’s never a bad time to visit Italy. Located in the beautiful region of Puglia, the Borgo Egnazia resort provides sun-bleached landscapes, an unbeatable cultural experience and all-year-round booking opportunities. From villas, to luxury hotel rooms, to [...]

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Sash Windows Brighton are Proud to Showcase Their City and Guild’s Master Craftsman Certificate!

Sussex based Sash Windows Brighton have proven that they’re worthy of the much sought after ‘Guild of Master Craftsman’ status. With decades of experience working in the sash windows industry with thousands of unique customers and buildings, Sash Windows Brighton are proud to showcase their City and Guild’s Master Craftsman certificate - a highly regarded [...]

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Magnet therapy gets a perfect score!

In safety, reusability and effectiveness, says Norstar Magnetics In the world of magnetic therapy, the UK spotlight is on Norstar Magnetics, leading provider of magnetic health care products. They say magnets are safe and effective, and the evidence supports them. England, November 2015 When it comes to maintaining good health people are increasingly looking for [...]

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Premier Resort Wins Award for Irresistible Star-Gazing Experience

The Ritz Carlton, Abama Resort, the premier destination for travelers visiting Tenerife in Guia de Isora, offers guests one of the most impressive star-gazing destinations in the world. Utilizing its own private beachfront, Abama beach, the resort affords world travelers the chance to get away from light soaked skies and smog ridden cities and enjoy [...]

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