How to boost your underperforming communications function

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How to boost your underperforming communications function

If your press office or communications department is not up to scratch, using consultancy could be the answer.

Communications consultant Ollie Wilson chalked up 12 years of experience as Director of Communications of national organisations including the Catholic Church in England & Wales and the country landowners (CLA).

Matchfit Media

Improve Communications and PR Relations

He can quickly get to the heart of your communications or public relations (PR) issues and recommend more fashionable ways to get your operation back on track.

Ollie leads the MatchFit Media ( communications consulting practice which helps businesses and organisations to mend, boost and fine-tune their communications operations.

He says: “If you want to solve the communications problems facing your business, we can help.

“Our communications consultants ( are able to review your communications and find a way to improve matters, whether your problem involves your press office, employee engagement, internal communications or publishing.

“The results of our work can lead to a more effective and happier business and, ultimately, make a difference to your company’s profile and its profits.”

Business Partner Laura King says: “We will provide an expert consultant who will review your communication function, discuss the issues with your team, appraise your business’s communications performance and find solutions.

“Often, the in-house team is so busy doing their day-to-day jobs or ‘fire-fighting’ that they are not in a position to take an holistic view of the situation or see where processes are failing or lacking. We fill this gap and help them to deliver better communications.

“Our consultants can also provide Communication Training ( when and where it is needed.”

Before working in communications, Ollie had a Fleet Street career, working as a journalist for the Sunday Telegraph ( , Express Newspapers and for CNN Television (

To talk about using a communications consultant, have a no-obligation chat today with MatchFit Media Partner Ollie on 01273 321555or 07974 951181 or

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