Celebrate traditional Festivities in Style with Borgo Egnazia!

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Celebrate traditional Festivities in Style with Borgo Egnazia!

Visitors at the Borgo Egnazia resort get the exclusive opportunity to take part it authentic, ‘sagre’ Italian food festivals.

Holiday-makers looking for the ultimate culture experience need look no further than visiting the luxury Borgo Egnazia resort during its summer months. Located in Puglia, which is famous all year round anyway for its delicious, regional food and wine, those wanting Italian culture at its finest should book July and August – the months to visit for a variety of concerts, events, parties and sagre (festivals involving food and wine.)

Nothing beats the experience of Italian food in Italy and ‘Cucina Povera’ is the traditional name of the all-important cuisine in Puglia. Borgo Egnazia visitors can enjoy some of Italy’s finest wines, olive oils, fruits, vegetables and traditional seafood straight from the local coast. Even tourists from all over Italy itself flock to Puglia to enjoy this wonderful cuisine. With food, music and entertainment everywhere, this is one definitely not to be missed!

Amy Bryce for Borgo Egnazia says, “The cuisine in Puglia is legendary and something we incorporate into every aspect of dining at our resort. During these months of July and August, Puglia becomes a huge party and our visitors love to experience these authentic festivities. Where else do you find luxury hotels and villas with the opportunity to mix with the locals and enjoy what makes this region of Italy so fantastic?”

To explore the wide range of options available with Borgo Egnazia, to book your luxury holiday in during the ever-cultural festival months, and to find out more about the region of Puglia, follow the link to their website at the bottom of the page. Their site even features a sign-up newsletter, where recipients are always the first to find out about exclusive deals all year round!

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About Borgo Egnazia

Borgo Engazia are a luxury holiday resort located in the beautiful Pulgian region of Italy. With traditional architecture and a first-class experience at the heart of their business, visitors can choose between staying in their Apuglian townhouses, hotel or villas. The resort also comes with a variety of restaurants, spa and leisure activities. Family friendly, romance friendly and relaxation friendly, Borgo Egnazia cater to all holiday makers looking for the ultimate, Italian getaway.

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