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8 Useful Tips For Writing SEO-Friendly Content

Creating content that is search engine friendly needs a lot of time and effort. But it's going to pay off in the end as long as you do it right. High-quality content that's search engine optimized increases your chance of ranking on search results. The higher your website will rank on search engines, the more [...]

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The Impact of Web Design on Content Marketing

A standout amongst the most important concerns in designing content is accessibility. While publishing any sort of info or content, you need to make sure it’s easy to explore and read. The design of the website must make the data simple to discover without clicking through huge amounts of pages of inappropriate content just before [...]

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Why Should You Use An SEO Company?

"Whether it is fashion blogs trying to get more reach on their recent blog posts, or local companies trying to attract more customers to their website, Search Engine Optimization is the secret to the success of many thriving businesses. With online marketing becoming a huge source of revenue for business on the one hand, and [...]

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Hightower Video team up with McMedia and Television Buying Company to provide one stop shop for TV adverts.

Hightower Video production have teamed up with leading media buying companies McMedia and The Television Buying Company to deliver fantastic television advert campaigns for SMEs and brands across the UK. It is widely known that television advertising is a phenomenal way of getting eyeballs on a new or existing product. What is less well known [...]

How to market yourself online as a freelancer

  What does it take to get regular, well-paying jobs as a freelancer? It takes talent, a willingness to work hard, an outgoing personality, constant pitching and a lot of networking – but perhaps more than anything else, it takes reputation. When you freelance, your name is your brand and you need to make sure [...]

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Take advantage of the wide range of FREE franchising advice offered by Franchise UK

It's not all just about choosing the perfect business. Franchise UK offer advice to their customers to help them through each step of their franchise journey. Franchise UK are renowned to offering a wide range of free resources to their customers and franchise advice is no exception. For those investing in a franchise, the research [...]

Franchise UK offer instantly recognised worldwide brands

  Customers at Franchise UK are reaping the benefits of being on the franchise market in 2015. The statistics say it all! With an industry annual turnover of £13.6 billion, 930 franchise brands operating in the UK, 39,000 franchise outlets, 561,000 people employed by franchises and a whopping 92% of units being profitable among all [...]

Franchise UK offer unique opportunities to a range of potential buyers.

Franchise UK are proud to announce that a broader range of clients than ever before are choosing to benefit from the services offered by Franchise UK. Franchise UK cater for a variety of clients. From first time buyers to existing Franchise buyers (, to even those looking to branch out and become a first time [...]