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How It Works

Easily share your story across multiple channels for effective and easy press management.

Press Release Distribution

1. Account Registration

Sign up for an account and get started. Registration is free! You can then choose the type of distribution your business needs. We also have a Premium Account that features a more comprehensive distribution channel. The Premium Account includes several tools that can help you improve your press management. The Free Account provides the basic kits for distribution and analysis.


2. Press Release Submission

Submit your press release in a straightforward submission form where you can input all your press release information in one page. Receive feedback a few hours after submission as a result of our fast and efficient editorial process. Submission doesn’t need to be complicated.

3. Campaign Tracking and Analysis

Tracking is very important since it allows you to know the reach and engagement that your press release has achieved. Analysis of the data lets you streamline your content to improve its performance. You can then test different campaigns until you come up with one that works best for you.


Company Newsroom


1. Subscription Details

Each subscription account includes a newsroom that you can capitalize on and transform into a valuable online business asset. The newsroom is easily customizable to reflect your brand. Create a smooth professional page using a simple point and click interface.

2. Efficient Press Management

You want to be seen as a professional and efficient brand by the media that will be distributing your content and your newsroom is the best place to get that message across. Manage your content – news, events and photos – all in one place using an excellent digital press kit.


3. Press Performance Analysis

Knowing how your press release has been distributed and the resulting engagement is crucial to improving press performance. Your newsroom is equipped with the necessary tools to provide your performance metrics. You will also know which content is currently trending and the most popular.

Media Outreach

1. Easy Engagement

The Premium Account has email credits that can be used to send out an email campaign for potential media partners. There are templates that can be easily personalized to fit your specific needs as well as a quick import tool for your contacts.


2. Seamless Tracking

Improvements in your email campaigns are possible if you track the open rate of your emails. You can replicate successful campaigns and tweak those that are not performing well so you can receive better engagement on the next campaign. You will know who opened your email and who clicked on your links.

3. Broad Database

Target media outlets that are relevant to your business and industry for better engagement. We have a wide and deep list of journalists and media outlets that you can filter according to your specific needs.


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