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Franchise UK launch their new website: Franchise UK

In the year of 2015, there’s no better time to be investing in franchises. With staggering statistics such as this years £13.7 billion annual turnover, it’s no wonder that franchising is becoming such a fashionable, appealing option for investors from a variety of different backgrounds. Franchise UK are making it simple for everyone to get involved with the launch of their new website directory. Customers can refine their search by category or find opportunities ( locally, either way finding the latest franchise exhibitions, new business ideas, sales, news and articles quickly and efficiently.

Providing an extensive directory of franchise investment opportunities, the launch of Franchise UK’s new website is set to benefit all customers.

The new Franchise UK website directory holds a substantial list of different advertisers all clearly marked and easy to navigate. Amy Bryce for Franchise UK says, “We’re extremely proud of the user-friendly approach we’ve taken in launching this new website. We want to cut through the jargon and make franchising investment opportunities and information readily available to all. ” With Franchising in the UK experiencing considerable growth, and many people choosing this option over starting their business from scratch, the launch of Franchise UK’s new website is ready to benefit both franchisor and investor.

Franchise UK also provide the option for users to subscribe in order to receive the latest franchise information straight to their inbox. Learn more about Franchise UK and visit their brand new, easy to use website listed in the contact information below. Customers wanting more information on our given franchise need only submit a short form on their website and the franchisor will be in touch.

About Franchise UK

Established since 2004, Franchise UK is a directory of franchise investment opportunities based in the United Kingdom. For those looking to invest in UK franchises, their website is a useful source of free information and news. All the information on Franchise UK is secure and easily accessible, with an extensive network of franchise advertisers. So whether you’re an accustomed buyer looking for where to invest next, or are just discovering the world of franchise, Franchise UK’s unique database is full of information to help get you to where you want to be.

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