World leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift

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World leader in magnet therapy gets a digital facelift

New And Glowing Online Visage

The brand recently got a complete website makeover; a fashionable revamp that distills the company’s ideology of making everyday life hassle-free into a new online presence built on the very same principle.

So what can you expect from the new website? Simply put, it’s everything you wanted to know about magnetic therapy and Norstar Magnetics, neatly wrapped up and beautifully arranged into an enticing package. We’re talking about an overhaul on every level: content, design, layout, navigation, the whole works!

What Is Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a form of complementary therapy that is steadily gaining popularity. Norstar Magnetics offers a wide array of products, each with lots of anecdotal evidence suggesting extremely high success rates. Arthritis, migraine and headaches, nerve pain, circulation issues, back problems and joint pains are just some of the ailments being treated by products including ankle wraps, body wraps, magnetic insoles, magnetic coasters, magnessage, pillow pads and elbow pads. This has created the need for more and more information; a need that is perfectly fulfilled by the new website.

The site is plugged with content that’s relevant to existing customers, potential customers and even curious passers-by. The products have clear, detailed descriptions. The blog makes for a great read and delves deeper into the finer nuances of the therapy. Content-wise, it’s everything a great website should be – informative, easily comprehensible, succinct, easy to assimilate and impactful.

The new design is swanky, clean and built on modern trends. Its architecture makes it easy to navigate and pleasant on the eye. The products are arranged in a neat and appealing layout. It is a design that instills confidence through simplicity and usability.

Summing up, the company’s approachable and clear attitude in an interview, Alan Cooke, Director, Norstar Magnetics Limited said, ”We’re happy to advise what products ( to buy; we’re quite happy to answer any questions regarding the treatment, because obviously we want people to get the most possible benefit from the products that we are able to supply.”

The website leaves the visitor with all the information needed to leverage magnetic therapy and make the most of it. It facilitates quick and easy dialogue with the company through a simple feedback mechanism. A section on testimonials ( further inspires trust and security. It enriches people through knowledge of a solution that can keep at bay and combat the aches and pains of modern-day life.

The overall Nortstar Magnetics website experience is open, inviting and even therapeutic! It embodies the essence of the company – great customer satisfaction, every step of the way!

About Norstar Magnetics

As the world gravitates towards new forms of complementary healing, Norstar Magnetics stands out as a leading player in the field of magnetic therapy. With a long history of satisfied customers, cutting-edge products, and the right attitude to business, Norstar is well-positioned to reinforce its role as a market leader over the coming months and years.

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