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Leading TEFL Academy offering jobs around the world

theTEFLAcedemy, the number one TEFL course ( provider in the UK, is offering an impressive array of TEFL jobs around the world. Those that pass TEFL courses now have more exciting options than ever before. Brighton, England, August 2015 – TEFL has grown as a field over the last two decades, driven by the trend [...]

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Leading TEFL Academy expands into York

The leading UK TEFL course academy, theTEFLAcademy, has established a new base in York. With expansion into Limerick also happening this year, the company is demonstrating the buoyancy of the TEFL market. York, England, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding fast over recent years, highlighting the demand for TEFL courses around the UK. It [...]

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Your event of a lifetime now with an eco-friendly promise

Recognizing, combatting and reducing any harm their work may cause to the environment, Super Event Sussex publicize their Green policy. With plans already set in motion and many more future intentions that will come into place once their green policy is firmly embedded into the company dynamic, there is no end to the steps Super Event Sussex [...]

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South East Vehicle Valeting Use and Promote Lifeshine by Autoglym

Based in Sussex, South East Vehicle Valeting pride themselves on only using the best products around. Lifeshine by Autoglym is promoted by South East Vehicle Valeting as offering 'advanced systems of protective treatments to help keep your car in top condition for the lifetime of ownership.' Not only does Lifeshine cover all areas of car valeting [...]

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Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow

Smart Drive, a leading driving school in Littlehampton, has gone from strength to strength over recent years. With the launch of a brand new website, packed with innovative features, the impressive rise and rise of this excellent company looks set to continue. Continue reading “Impressive Littlehampton Driving School Continues to Grow” »

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Astonishing Poole Driving Lesson Pass Rates with Smart Drive

Leading Poole driving school, Smart Drive, is achieving incredible driving lesson pass rates. Not only that, many of its new drivers are passing the practical test with fewer than four minor faults. These astonishing results are down to the personalised approach that this driving school in Poole takes to every student. Continue reading “Astonishing Poole [...]

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How to boost your underperforming communications function

If your press office or communications department is not up to scratch, using consultancy could be the answer. Communications consultant Ollie Wilson chalked up 12 years of experience as Director of Communications of national organisations including the Catholic Church in England & Wales and the country landowners (CLA). Continue reading “How to boost your underperforming [...]

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Magnetic Bracelets: Topping the Charts!

Norstar Magnetics Highlights the Increasing Popularity of Magnetic Bracelets Norstar Magnetics (, leading provider of magnetic healthcare products states that more and more people will embrace magnetic bracelets worldwide as the therapeutic properties are researched further. England, November 2015 Not so long ago, bracelets were known only for their ability to make you look good; [...]

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Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme

Smart Drive, the leading driving school in Worthing, is expanding its driving lesson gift scheme. This innovative idea enables family members and friends to gift driving lessons in Worthing for birthdays, Christmas or just to say well done. Continue reading “Innovative Worthing Driving Lesson Gift Scheme” »

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Magazine publishing need not ‘cost an arm and a leg’

Businesses and clubs and other membership organisations often pay through the nose to publish their magazines, says publishing agency MatchFit Media. However, that really need not be the case, according to highly experienced magazine publisher Ollie Wilson. Continue reading “Magazine publishing need not ‘cost an arm and a leg’” »

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Now a Which? Trusted Trader, Plumbing on Tap pass rigorous selection process with flying colours.

Based in Brighton, leading plumbing and heating company, ‘Plumbing on Tap,’ providers of local central heating and plumbing maintenance services are proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader. Continue reading “Now a Which? Trusted Trader, Plumbing on Tap pass rigorous selection process with flying colours.” »

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GJP Floor Sanding Ltd are partnered with floor care cleaning services

Ensuring all their customers get the quality aftercare they deserve, GJP's partnership with Floor Care Cleaning services means the best in the business are always on hand. Floor Care Cleaning Services It is more than understood that with hardwood floors comes a lot of upkeep and responsibility. A well maintained hardwood floor is an investment [...]

Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency

Businesses should always write their website copy with Google and the other major search engines in mind, says Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media. Continue reading “Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency” »

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Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun

One of the most infamous fashion brands Thomas Gun have now declared they will be joining with RagRetail, an online shop, bringing the brand into the twenty first century. Continue reading “Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun” »

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Ideal Villas For Holiday Golfing

Yorkshire Hotel Launch Golfing Holiday Website You can now easily create your own golfing holiday from 25 courses in East Yorkshire with a new website from Brockton Hotel, Bridlington. Spend time at the fabulous Brockton on Bridlington’s sea front and play as much golf as you like. Bridlington, East Yorkshire (PRWEB UK) 29 June 2015. [...]

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Handyman On Tap: Brighton Handyman Services

Pinterest doubles its UK users thanks to DIY, cookery and gardening Pinterest, a social service doubled its number of users in the UK in the past year as Britons alone “pinned” 1.6bn items with the DIY and recipes to be among their favorite topics. In 2010, the US-based visual bookmarking site was launched and debuted [...]

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Beauty And Ruin

Every NEWGEN designer at the exhibition will be provided with the opportunity to show their designs in a devoted pop-up showroom. The showroom will be theirs for up to four hours after they have given their presentation or show and will give buyers an opportunity to talk to the young designers and make appointments with [...]

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Travel Guide

TravelAge West Launches new Travel agent targeted website TravelAge West has revamped its website that is dedicated to giving inspiration and information to travel agents through award winning reports and tales of adventurous travel, destinations, hotels, cruises, family travel and travel agent incentives among other interesting articles. Continue reading “Travel Guide” »

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Dust Free Sanding

The best Wood Finish is found on The Web! With over 28 years’ experience in the wood finishing trade, Wood Finishes Direct is launching a website. Focused on DIY enthusiast and trade professionals, wood finishes direct provides an easy and faster way to purchase quality wood care products for furniture, interior woodwork and wood flooring. [...]

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Benefits Of Man With A Van

After its inception in Manchester, Man with a Van company has been on top of its game with so many house removals, relocation and logistical services. The Manchester based Man and Van Simple Company offers a wide range of services that include: removal, relocation and provision of logistical solutions to its clients. This company also [...]

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More Plumbing Services Than Ever

Plumbing on Tap: Top Lewes plumbers Plumbing on Tap offer professional, resourceful and polite service. This is why they are the number one plumbing and heating company for private home owners, landlords and letting agents all over Lewes. They are the leading plumbing company Lewes; providing affordable and competitive prices, giving quality services to all [...]

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Glam Guide To Sheraton Resort Algarve

Online Travel Notebook Gives Glam Guide To Discerning Travelers Lisa Corcoran, a stylish travel connoisseur is launching a travel Notebook, which will be an online directory that will contain up-to-date news, tips, and information on the great places to stay, eat and shop around the whole world. Although the notebook is targeting independent travelers, also [...]

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Shape Architecture Offers Services Concerning House Designing

Shape Architecture offers its services in regards to the article published in Architects journal, dated 29 June, 2015: “Boris backs Museum of London architectural competition.” The mayor, Boris Johnson, agreed £200,000 funding to hold an architectural competition lead by the Museum Of London to dig out a brilliant new designer for its new location. Continue [...]

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Salon Advantage Offers A Solution For Rapid Growth Of Salons

In light of the Press release article published in PR Newsire, dated Feb 04, 2015: MY SALON Suite® Continues Rapid Growth through North America with Three New Locations Now open in 2015; Salon Advantage offers a solution to this rapid growth of salons for a smother running. Continue reading “Salon Advantage Offers A Solution For [...]

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Super Event Sussex Talks About The Bounce Back To Wedding Spending

A survey carried out by The National Association of Catering Executives Reveals Uplift in Wedding Budgets In a recent survey by The National Association of Catering Executives almost 76 percent of the respondents reported that more weddings were taking place in the year 2010 as compared to the year 2009. According to press release COLUMBIA, [...]

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Portable massagers fuel huge rise in use of magnetic therapy

Therapy On The Go! Norstar Magnetics is at the forefront of ushering in an age of anytime, anywhere alternate therapy through portable massagers. It is a well-known fact that the cost of health care is spiralling out of control. With our population steadily ageing it is also a fact that people are beginning to explore [...]

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Thomas Gun introduce new collection from NICCE

Based in Brighton, fashion company Thomas Gun sellers and enthusiasts of  cutting edge street wear brands. It’s all about bold logos, coloured panels and embracing the beauty of the simple tee this summer with the latest collection of Nicce wear by Thomas Gun. Continue reading “Thomas Gun introduce new collection from NICCE” »

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‘Power Flush’ expertise propels Plumbing on Tap to the top of their industry game.

Based in Brighton, leading plumbing and heating company, ‘Plumbing on Tap’ provides an array of local central heating and plumbing maintenance services. For customers in need of a boiler repair or replacement job, it can be a stressful time. Continue reading “‘Power Flush’ expertise propels Plumbing on Tap to the top of their industry game.” [...]

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Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media celebrates first birthday

Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media today (1 August 2015) celebrated its first birthday.  The full-service agency – which provides a range of clients with successful PR Campaigns and Events for PR, SEO Copywriting and Communication Training – has made solid progress in its first year. Continue reading “Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media celebrates first birthday” [...]

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