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Terms of Service

This agreement of service contains all the important terms and conditions that apply to a person or group that will use our service.

Terms and Conditions

This agreement of service contains all the important terms and conditions that apply to a person or group that will use our service.

You must be responsible and take extreme precautions to make sure the materials that you will post on the site will not violate or offend the rights of others. (Example: copyrights, brand, privacy or other personal or business rights).


For the benefit of all, “You” means the applicant, “We” means SmallBusinessWire.co.uk, “Site” means a website, “Links” means links, headlines, and source names delivered by SmallBusinessWire.co.uk as one of our amazing services, and “Publishers” indicate the author of the articles.


Warranty Disclaimer

SmallBusinessWire.co.uk is not liable for any indirect or substantial damages that may cause revenue or data loss in relation to this Agreement or any of the Services, even if we were already advised of the potential for such damages. In addition to that, we will be immune from all kinds of claims, damages and expenses, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, for using our services corresponding with this agreement of service.

SmallBusinessWire.co.uk disclaims all responsibility or accountability for any loss, deletion, failure to store or deliver material. We disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality or availability of any information or material on our site. We also disclaim any damage that may result from accessing any materials on the web through our service.

The materials, information, products and services from SmallBusinessWire.co.uk do not have any warranties. We, with our licensors, disclaim any warranties about the security and performance of our services, any information that can be obtained through our services and goods that you might receive or were advertised through us using any links that we provide.

Changing Terms of Service

SmallBusinessWire.co.uk reserves the right to adjust or terminate its service at any given time, for any reason, with or without prior notice and without liability to anyone. Make sure you review our agreement from time to time to learn about any changes.



We will refund any payment up to 30 days as long as your news releases are valid, legitimate and have not violated our agreement. Take note that by submitting a made-up event or story, users forfeits their right to get a refund.


Our Terms and Conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of the UK without opposing the law’s provision of your state or country of residence. If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds that a portion of our Terms of Service is invalid, the remaining parts of our Terms will still continue to be full and effective.

We can handle anything that your company needs from us. Our reseller program and our professional writers are flexible. We can accommodate the different requirements of your business.


These Terms of Service will establish the whole agreement between the parties with respect to this subject matter, which replaces all simultaneous understandings, written or oral for this agreement.

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