GDPR Breaches: Reconditioned Corporate PCs Sold on eBay Are a Goldmine for Data Thieves

Every day, a different organisation experiences a data breach in one form or another. There are so many breaches that it’s impossible for all of them to make headlines. Which means, most of the time, customers that frequent the business that has suffered a breach don’t find out about it until a long time after. [...]

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How to boost your underperforming communications function

If your press office or communications department is not up to scratch, using consultancy could be the answer. Communications consultant Ollie Wilson chalked up 12 years of experience as Director of Communications of national organisations including the Catholic Church in England & Wales and the country landowners (CLA). Continue reading “How to boost your underperforming [...]

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Magazine publishing need not ‘cost an arm and a leg’

Businesses and clubs and other membership organisations often pay through the nose to publish their magazines, says publishing agency MatchFit Media. However, that really need not be the case, according to highly experienced magazine publisher Ollie Wilson. Continue reading “Magazine publishing need not ‘cost an arm and a leg’” »

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Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency

Businesses should always write their website copy with Google and the other major search engines in mind, says Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media. Continue reading “Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency” »

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Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun

One of the most infamous fashion brands Thomas Gun have now declared they will be joining with RagRetail, an online shop, bringing the brand into the twenty first century. Continue reading “Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun” »

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Flow Ink’s 1 Year Anniversary

After years of experience in the web design and digital agency industry, it was decided to maximise the use of all this industry knowledge by creating a digital agency called Flowink that helps customers within the digital realm.  Flowink was formed a year ago with the sole intention of delivering the best digital work combined [...]

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