The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth

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The “Safe Driving for Life” School in Bournemouth

Smart Drive UK take a responsible approach to driving lessons in Bournemouth. The company philosophy is imbued with a sense of corporate responsibility, and not just the statistical practicality we see many driving schools around the UK.

Smart Drive UK Bournemouth

Bournemouth, England, August 2015 – in today’s day and age of conveyor belts driving schools is rare to find a company that truly values the personal approach to driving lessons. The smart drive Bournemouth driving school is a little different. Their approach is not based on the numbers of passing driving tests, although they do superbly well compared to other schools on pass rates, rather they seek to prepare drivers for a life of safe driving.

Driving Lessons Bournemouth

Paul Knott, a director at Smart Drive, enthuses “we believe that other driving schools have things confused. They focus on preparing drivers for the intricacies of a driving test. Everything is geared towards that moment in a lesson when they pass or fail. Not only does that heap massive pressure on the test situation, it also doesn’t make for a healthy journey while learning to drive.

Our approach is very different. We try to help our learner drivers in Bournemouth ( to become the best safe drivers that they can be. This means focusing them not just on the test, but on life after the test.”

The average pass rates on practical tests in the UK around 50%. Smart Drive smashes these numbers and also posts impressive figures on minor faults. With a new website just launched at, is clear this is a company that is going places. The bulk of the website highlights the achievements of its students on driving tests in Bournemouth. The positive, holistic & fashionable approach to learning permeates many other training development environments, and Smart Drive have clearly done a great job of bringing it to their driving school in the Bournemouth area.

What would you prefer a driving school that teaches you to be a safe driver for life, or a driving school that teaches you to pass a driving test?

About Smart Drive

Smart Drive Is a Driving School in Bournemouth, Littlehampton, Poole, Brighton and around the UK. The impressive growth of the company has been fuelled by its innovative approach to learning and the driver journey. With a new website and a continued focus on the driver at the core of the process this is a company that is set to become a leading national brand.

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