Premier Resort Wins Award for Irresistible Star-Gazing Experience

The Ritz Carlton, Abama Resort, the premier destination for travelers visiting Tenerife in Guia de Isora, offers guests one of the most impressive star-gazing destinations in the world. Utilizing its own private beachfront, Abama beach, the resort affords world travelers the chance to get away from light soaked skies and smog ridden cities and enjoy [...]

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The Ritz Carlton Abama Resort makes summer accessible for all this year with a 15% discount!

Situated in Guía de Isora in Tenerife the Luxury beach resort, Ritz Carlton Abama are offering multiple summer deals and discounts. In middle of August there seems to be no end to this gloomy English weather in sight and many are crying out for a short break to the breathtaking, panoramic ocean views of Tenerife. [...]

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