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Distribution Features

The easy way to tell your story.

Small Business Wire will take care of you – your content, news and updates- anything that needs to be told; our distribution network will put your news where it belongs.


Select Your Distribution

Do you have a location in mind? If yes, we assure you that it is within our reach. With our array of media partners, there is definitely a space for you. If none, we can help you by choosing from an array of affordable options for distribution. Small Business Wire wants you to have all the advantages so we are including your very own email campaign, newsroom and social media marketing tools.

Submit your Press Release

It truly is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 when you want to submit your content. Just fill out a form and your press release will be automatically assessed by the editorial staff. We do not sleep on it, we review it, and publish your press release the way you want it to reach your target audience.


Track Performance

We will measure the performance of your content. We will furnish you with a metric detail of its views and visits to provide you with useful information in order to improve your campaigns. For those who opt for premium services, you may view a detailed report of your press release in PDF format.

Why You Should Want To Be Published On Our Sites

Ranked #1 for Press Release Distribution

We have built an enviable track record as assessed by industry experts and our peers. Want to know the secret why Small Business Wire is the leading press release distribution provider today? Well, it’s because we see to it you get the best value possible through all of our services. We strive for excellence to get you the results you deserve. We want your stories and news to reach its destination, and make a splash.


Listed in Search

Why is being listed in search important? Your brand needs to reach your target markets and you must be visible online. How else will your potential client know that you exist? You have to be where they are! Our news and media channels are listed in major search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Embed Media Rich Content

People are visual, and articles, no matter how well written they are, are only one way to reach and engage your audience. You should also provide videos, photos and images to helps convey the message.

Variety is the name of the game to keep your content distinct, attention grabbing and engaging. Premium submissions allow you to include a number of content media to enhance your brand, news and image.


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