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Handyman On Tap: Brighton Handyman Services

Pinterest doubles its UK users thanks to DIY, cookery and gardening

Pinterest, a social service doubled its number of users in the UK in the past year as Britons alone “pinned” 1.6bn items with the DIY and recipes to be among their favorite topics. In 2010, the US-based visual bookmarking site was launched and debuted a British English version in 2013, where they opened a London office that focused on working with local brands and users.

Brighton Handyman

Pinterest says that its users are particularly keen on DIY, of which 52% look for that, while 46% search for recipes. When it comes to building their own boards, 37% plan for home decorations, 17% a holiday and 14% a wedding.

Co-founder Evan Sharp told the guardian: “We see a lot of similarities between the UK and elsewhere in the world, although gardening is much more prominent in UK.” The company established steps to tap into the UK culture, by setting up partnerships with brands like Manchester United, Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. Pinterest hasn’t disclosed how many British users it has but Sharp said that is sees “about 3m pins a” day in the UK. Comscore, a research firm estimated that in May 2015, Pinterest attracted 10.3 million unique visitors in the UK: those visiting from a mobile were 54%, from a computer 34% and 12% using both.

Some months after pinterest started automatically getting rid of “affiliate links, redirects and trackers” from pins on the service, plans for buyable pins sparked controversy among some spinners. “We’re not getting a cut ourselves from buyable pins, and that’s very intentional. We could have gone the other way. Pinterest isn’t taking a cut, and I don’t know why users would take a cut right now,” said Sharp when asked by the Guardian, adding that; “The last thing I want is users trying to game some affiliate system and making a bunch of very inauthentic boards just to try and get a little bit of money.”

Brighton Handyman Services

If you’re looking for a Handyman, don’t look any further as at Brighton Handyman on Tap is part of the On Tap Property services Limited (https://www.ontap-group.com/) providing all kinds of domestic repairs and improvements to homeowners, tenants, letting agents and landlords. Handyman on Tap provides a wide range of services in which they specialized. The quality of service they offer is great and is comparable to none which comes at very reasonable and competitive prices. Handymen on Tap have put their focus on greater customer satisfaction and offer a wide range of services. Some of the services being offered include: DIY, house clearance, fitted kitchens, painting & decorating, gardening & landscaping, locks & handles, shelves, blinds & curtain rails. With superior customer service being offered at Brighton and Hove, Handyman on Tap offer quality work that is carried out by experts. Their office is located in the city of Brighton and Hove in Sussex.


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