Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency

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Tailor your web copywriting for Google, says Brighton PR agency

Businesses should always write their website copy with Google and the other major search engines in mind, says Brighton PR agency MatchFit Media.

Matchfit Media

Why SEO is Important for Websites

“It is amazing how many companies invest heavily in a company website without getting it optimised for search engines,” stresses Partner Ollie Wilson.

He says: “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is vital if your website is to attract new customers.And so is high-quality marketing copy for your site.

“A visitor’s attention span is likely to be 10 seconds or less. Therefore, what you write on your site has to be really good.”

Copywriters Ollie Wilson and Laura King undertake keyword research to find the best phrases to bring traffic to your site.

They then write riveting copy about your products and services incorporating those keywords in the right volume and in the best positions to rank a page highly on Google and the other big search engines.

Ollie says: “We have turned around many pieces of poorly written and unoptimised writing as part of our Marketing work.

“We find Search Engine Optimised Copywriting (https://matchfitmedia.co.uk/seo-copywriting/) , with frequently updated web content, is the best means of securing a browser’s attention and drawing more visitors to a site.”

Laura says it often happens that staff do not have time to write new content for their company’s website, let alone optimise it.

Yet, for many prospective buyers, the business website is the first point of contact.

Ollie adds: “Sloppy copywriting does not look professional and can raise a trust issue with prospective clients.

“And, without editing and proofreading, silly errors will nearly always crop up in the copy.

“We can ensure that website content is varied, interesting and optimised to bring hoards of visitors to your website.”

If you would like to talk to MatchFit Media’s SEO copywriters, call us on 01273 321555 or 07974 951181 or email:hello@matchfitmedia.co.uk


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