Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun

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Announcement Of Acquisition By Thomas Gun

One of the most infamous fashion brands Thomas Gun have now declared they will be joining with RagRetail, an online shop, bringing the brand into the twenty first century.

Thomas Gunn

The combination of the two brands is an amazing choice and will surely work beautifully. Both management teams will be working closely with each other’s business, they will complement each other perfectly and bring out the best to create one perfect duo.

Rag Retail on Thomas Gun

Bringing Thomas Gun online is an extremely exciting task as it will challenge Rag Retail, but seeing all the new customers pour in will be a great achievement for Thomas gun and it will finally bring them into the technological age. More people will be seeing the brand and it will give Thomas Gun an opportunity to reach all the people that do not have a store near them. People can even get the cloths delivered to their doors which is a big step.

All the people who have shopped at both Thomas Gun and RagRetailers are truly excited for the new collections to come out on the internet, available to everyone in every part of the UK and further.

“Thomas Gun has been at the cutting edge of fashionable street wear since 1982, always priding ourselves on spotting a new thing and always treading our path,” Smyth said, adding it took until 2014 to get online. “Now that we have arrived, we hope to bring our decades of experience and reputation for service to a whole new audience.”

Chosen clothing company’s and brands can involve themselves completely with their customers, this in turn enables the clothing to be used by several fashion vendors which is made possible by RagRetail’s user-friendly eCommerce retail site. For people who take time to browse and shop at RagRetail’s web site, they will have a unique shopping experience; shoppers will start getting a personal “product offering” which is controlled by favourite vendors, instead of being presented with a limited number of selections.

Anyone who wants to know more about Thomas Gun or RagRetailers you should visit either site and search through all the amazing cloths and trends they have at the moment.

In regards to the announcement of acquisition, it’s worth knowing the performance and profile of Thomas Gun. From 1982 to date, Thomas Gun has been an accomplished shop and retail outlet. Thomas Gun has amazing fashion designs that it has majored in making for decades now. Most of the clothing that they make are made out of creativity and well designed backgrounds that make their clothes outstanding and fashionable from all others. Thomas Gun was acquired in September 2014, from an eCommerce specialist RagRetail who will be bringing this amazing fashion retailer for the first time online.

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