Salon Advantage Offers A Solution For Rapid Growth Of Salons

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Salon Advantage Offers A Solution For Rapid Growth Of Salons

In light of the Press release article published in PR Newsire, dated Feb 04, 2015: MY SALON Suite® Continues Rapid Growth through North America with Three New Locations Now open in 2015; Salon Advantage offers a solution to this rapid growth of salons for a smother running.

MY SALON Suite®, is the leading premier salon suite franchise, and today they happily declared that they have just opened their shining new, upmarket beauty complexes across America. Currently MY SALON Suite® has twenty two new salons all spreading across nine different states and one starting up in Canada. These leading salons currently offer professional beauty therapists in Ontario, Texas and Florida with a chance of opening their own businesses with their new ready to move in facilities.

A property owner stated he was delighted to welcome my salon suit into Canada as it is a professional company giving opportunities and helping people fulfill their dreams of having their own company and helping them along the way! Thirty one new salon suits have been built creating many more jobs and a great place for people to come and be luxuriously pampered.

My salon suit has raised the bar of all up and coming salons. They have an extremely high standard of cleanliness and customer care, they have had perfect reviews written about their salons and know the market to a tee which puts them heads and shoulders above the rest. They also have the perfect positioning as they have a salon in Naples walk shopping Centre. It offers twenty one spacious suites in the salon.

With a new location, which is the second located in the center of Texas, MY SALON Suite® provides twenty two salon suites which have been decorated to be up to standard to the other high end salons in the Dallas region. Another property owner at my salon suit said that the relaxing environment freed him from stress and the location was so convenient you could not wish for a better deal that would end in nothing but happiness. My salon suite will be growing in the future opening in seven new locations in 2015, who knows how many locations could be popping up by the time 2016 arrives!

According to this press release article, Salon advantage offers its great salon software which helps salon managers make their work easier. Salon advantage is UK’s number one salon software with a custom built for you and your budget. This smart salon management software helps you manage your salon business in the easiest way possible. The features it offers include: stock control, diary, reports, security, set smart targets, smart marketing, booking system and training & support. With this salon advantage software, one can realize a great success in the salon business.

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