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New Co Legislation

A safety campaigner that has been in the industry for a long period of time is sending out a reminder to agents and landlords that as from October 1st, the new smoke and carbon monoxide alarm (England) regulations 2015 indicates that all agents and landlords must install and check smoke alarms at lettings.

After installation of alarms it is a requirement that they ensure that the alarm is in good working order on the first day a new tenancy begins.

Coast to Country

It is easy to check and test a smoke alarm as it is a straightforward procedure, the Managing Director of Gas Safe Europe, John Stones – says that there is little understanding among several property professionals to accurately test a CO alarm. This is an issue because the test button on a CO alarm only tests the battery, beeper and electronic work and not the all important gas sensor.

Stones goes on to say that, one of the best ways to be certain that the CO alarm is fully working is to test the sensor. This is already a standard annual requirement in the USA and Stones has developed his own test which he called Detectagas.

Stones admits that “the expected life of the sensor alarm on a CO alarm is fixed, as they age naturally but can also be unpredictable due to airborne pollutants such as cooking fumes and cigarette smoke”.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Reliability

Reports obtained from the UK’s and USA’s health safety executives, discovered that Carbon Monoxide alarm reliability lacks around 45 percent and no longer senses gas in tests carried out. In another report, it found that 16 percent of new alarms were not working out of the box as required.

Stones warned; “We are now working with BSI to develop a British Standard (PAS) for the sensor inclusive testing of domestic CO alarms. It will take some time but in the meantime the Energy Act 2015 is very clear.”

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