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TravelAge West Launches new Travel agent targeted website

TravelAge West has revamped its website that is dedicated to giving inspiration and information to travel agents through award winning reports and tales of adventurous travel, destinations, hotels, cruises, family travel and travel agent incentives among other interesting articles.

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Cruise and Hotel Search Via TravelAge West

The hallmark site was created to a sophisticated and modern design that has turned into the TravelAge West ( brand. The new site has the ability to utilize the concept of responsive design across many devices making it possible for busy travel agents to easily move back and forth from their laptop, mobile or tablet. This is a streamlined and user-friendly site that allows visitors to exactly find their desired content. Some of the new features on the site are as follows; a cruise search with 18,000 cruise sailings, a hotel search with 140,000 properties, 360 ships and 90 cruise lines.

The magazine has a popular back-page feature called Geo Quiz which has been given a new look and feel with an interactive tool that can be used to track and tweet their quiz scores over time. An updated and more user-friendly experience can now be offered with the well liked Click & Win contest in which lucky agents can win travel prizes. Advertisers now have a larger spread giving the greatest return on investment as the TravelAge West site will be brought together with the brands’ entire suite of digital products.

Jack Grant, a publisher of TravelAge West said: “For more than 40 years, TravelAge West has been the trusted voice of the travel industry in the western U.S.” He added; “With our award-winning writing and design, our revamped website brings the best of travel life to life for our readers.” In another statement, Kenneth Shapiro, an editor of TravelAge West, said: “The magazine’s first-hand, on-site reports and fresh destination coverage is a valued resource for travel agents.” He added saying that; “The new site does a great job of highlighting this award winning coverage in a vibrant and engaging way.”

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