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Shape Architecture Offers Services Concerning House Designing

Shape Architecture offers its services in regards to the article published in Architects journal, dated 29 June, 2015: “Boris backs Museum of London architectural competition.”

The mayor, Boris Johnson, agreed £200,000 funding to hold an architectural competition lead by the Museum Of London to dig out a brilliant new designer for its new location.

It is an International contest that will test all up and coming architects and give them a challenge that could change their lives the new location will open in march 2021 and will be quite a bit larger than its original home at London Wall.

The original plans which were worked out by McAslan were rejected by the community’s secretary, they were about converting the General Marketing building site into an office and retail scheme.

The museum of London is a key to our English heritage and more importantly London. It shows the great story of its rise through the ages and how one of the greatest cities in the world became so important and so accomplished. Extremely important artifacts are held by this museum and it is so important to educate the world but mostly the young people about our history and how important England is in the world. With the new place we could show the museums full potential and show people how important England is !

The idea the museum of London has is to create a brand new upgraded museum that the people of London and indeed tourists will love and will be motivated to visit. The incentive behind the new location is mostly space as the old place doesn’t have enough of it! The museum has many brilliant things to present, things you cannot see anywhere else and not having room to display them is annoying and leaves the museum at a disadvantage. The visitors have doubled over the past couple of years and it is time that the museum welcomes a new look and boosts itself into the twenty first century, allowing more schools to visit, educating the younger generation in art and history.

In regards to the above article, space architect limited offer its architectural services to people and firms that require designs for their homes. Space architecture deals with a range of architectural designs, these include: all residential projects, large residential projects, small residential projects and basement projects. Space architect have an ever increasing portfolio of private residential projects all over London and the South-east. In addition, they have a lot of experience in working on different projects with creative designs. With a clear and rigorous approach to every building they design, Space architect offer great designs that are outstanding.


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