Private Investigators Bolton Gives Advice Concerning Fraud Incidences

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Private Investigators Bolton Gives Advice Concerning Fraud Incidences

After reading the article in BBC News, dated 24 February 2015:The card aiming to end Nigeria’s fraud problem; Private Investigators Bolton gives advice when it comes to fraud incidences.

In light of the article published by BBC News, dated 24 February 2015: ; Nigeria has had a bad reputation when it comes to fraud with many scams ‘419’ as it was rated among the notorious in the world, with statistics from Ultrascan AGI suggesting losses from such schemes that totalled $12.7bn (£8.2bn) in 2013. The number of scams was growing by 5% every year. In May 2014, 16 people were charged in the US for using stolen information to obtain money and goods and then shipping them to Nigeria. Most of the people who were arrested were Nigerian and were later charged with taking over bank or stock brokerage accounts, removing all the money and making purchases. They were then sentenced to 7 years imprisonment. Nigeria’s inter-bank settlements systems estimates the country’s bank lost 159 billion naira ($800m; £515m) to electronic fraud between 2000 and 2013. In 2014, the National Electronic Identity (e-ID) card was launched in collaboration with MasterCard, with President Goodluck Jonathan the first receipt. The smart card has a Match-on-card technology that matches a holder’s fingerprint against a profile stored in the embedded chip. The card is also a travel document, conforming to the same standards as international passports. The card contains electronic identification information, as well as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology that allows for document signing, non-repudiation and encryption. Mr. Monehin said: “The broader economic impact of the card will be felt as the previously unbanked and under-banked are able to gain access to the mainstream economy and the visibility of their assets allows them to build a financial history and establish creditworthiness with financial institutions.”

Private Investigators Bolton ( after reading the article in BBC News provides information concerning fraud cases. Private Investigators Bolton has a skilled and well experienced team who are ready to handle a case of any nature, background and magnitude with over 25 years of working as investigators. Scammers use modern technology and for a firm to source out all their activities should have advanced equipments and sophisticated methods to get accurate information. Private Investigators Bolton has a team that is highly dedicated to their work that whenever you call, they take you through the investigation process, advice you and suggest to you the possible actions that can be used to tackle your case.

Harry Anderson, Chief Investigator, Private Investigators Bolton ( advises people to hire a very good Private investigator if they want accurate and reliable results. Private Investigators Bolton offers their services at minimum cost but with a lot of expertise. Chief Investigator, Harry Anderson also says that at Private Investigators Bolton the information obtained during investigation is kept confidential to you. Harry Anderson, Chief Investigator at Private Investigators Bolton can be contacted on 01204 940 039.

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