Private Detectives Oxford Offers Advice Concerning A Missing Person

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Private Detectives Oxford Offers Advice Concerning A Missing Person

Upon reading the article published by Sky News, dated 15 June 2015: ‘Runaway’ Boy and Girl Found Safe By Police; Private Detectives Oxford offers their advice and information on how people should handle this kind of case.
According to the article published by Sky News, dated 15 June 2015: ; Amy Dilworth, 15, and Kieran Sampson, 12, went missing in Western Berkshire were believed to have run away together from Burghfield Common.

Private Detectives Oxford Offers Advice Concerning A Missing Person

Police initially believed that the boy and the girl might have boarded a train to London as they were last seen at 9:20pm Saturday at Mortimer railway station. A further confirmation from the police came as they said to have located the youngsters who were found in Essex on the 15/6/15. A Thames Valley Police statement said: “A boy and girl who were missing have been found safe. Amy Dilworth, aged 15, and Kieran Sampson, aged 12, who were missing from Burghfield Common since Saturday were located safe this morning in Essex.” The statement proceeded saying; “Thames Valley police would like to thank the media and the public for sharing the appeal.” In light of the Sky News article, Private Detectives Oxford ( provides advice when it comes to cases of missing people. Private Detectives Oxford has advanced devices like surveillance cameras, tracking devices among other devices that help in tracing a lost or missing person. Private Detectives Oxford also uses systematic and well planned methods to find a person. Experts in different cases and investigators at Private Detectives Oxford have worked in other areas like the military and police and therefore, they are very skilled in dealing with different cases no matter what background the case is based in. Most of the clients don’t like exposing their cases to the public until the required information is obtained, at Private Detectives Oxford, every clients information is kept private and confidential unless the client gives a go ahead. A case concerning a missing person is a sensitive one; Private Detectives Oxford advises the public to select a private investigator with the right profession and devices to handle such cases so that everything works out well in the long run. Private Detectives Oxford has a variety of investigators to choose from, whether you want a male or female investigator they will be at your service. Private Detectives Oxford has over 25 years experience and they can therefore handle a case of any nature very well.
Chris Long, chief investigator at Private Detectives Oxford ( tells the public to report a case like this immediately they come to know about it. Whether it is in the neighborhood or at home, this kind of case is very sensitive and investigations should be informed immediately. Private Detectives Oxford ( provides very good services at a cost that is affordable to many. Chief Investigator at Private Detectives Oxford, Chris Long can be contacted on this number 01865 930 124.

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