What’s the Best Time of the Day to Hit the Gym?

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What’s the Best Time of the Day to Hit the Gym?

For some of us, find the time for the gym at all is a challenge in itself, not to mention choosing what time that will be.

If, however, you belong to the group of the lucky ones who can actually afford to pick a time for a workout, it could be useful to know what the best hour for that. Again, any free time is the best time for the gym, but there are some factors that can maximize the effectiveness of your exercise.

All this may depend on your preferences, body type and the ultimate goal you wish to achieve by going to the gym. So here are a few parameters as told to us by fitness experts at Fit Athletic Club which could help you to pick the best time.

Body Cycles

Morning is often deemed the best time of the day for exercise. While this may true for many people, it’s not necessarily the case for everyone.

It does wake you up and make the rest of your day easier, but if you are not a morning person, you should listen to your body. The afternoon can be a good option as well because your muscles are warmed up by then and your body temperature is the highest.

If you notice that exercising is difficult or not so efficient for you, try changing your workout schedule and moving the visit to the gym to another part of the day. Just listen to your body and follow how you feel.

Your Personal Schedule

This is maybe the first and the most obvious factor you need to take into consideration for obvious reasons. It is also important from the psychological point of view as you shouldn’t be going to the gym in a hurry and under pressure.

Also, pay attention to your meal schedule as it’s not particularly recommended to eat immediately before the workout as the digesting process might slow you down and make everything more difficult and less productive.

The positive thing is the gyms nowadays work long hours, some are even open 24/7, so this gives you more space for manoeuvring your schedule. Find a good gym which fits your needs in both equipment and scheduling.

Gym Schedule

Even though gyms are open for quite a long time, as already mentioned, finding the right slot might be a bit tricky. Namely, exercising in a crowded gym isn’t exactly the most pleasant or efficient thing. It could make you a bit nervous and stressed, it might reduce the effectiveness of your training as you often might have to wait in order to be able to perform a certain type of exercise.

Waiting for your turn to use a specific piece of equipment can definitely be de-motivational and a bit annoying, so you might want to find out when it’s less crowded. What’s more, if you’re going to the group training, you have to adjust to their schedule, so that doesn’t leave you too much choice.

Night Workout – Yes or No?

If you are super busy during the day, or you are simply a night owl who gets energy burst when the sun goes down, why not trying the night workout?

It may not be for everyone, as it might as well affect your sleep and can be additionally exhausting, but you might give it a try. Your body temperature and circadian rhythms play an important role in deciding whether this is for you or not.

Again, you won’t know if you don’t try. Just listen to your body, follow its rhythm and try to stay on track.

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