Leading TEFL Company Continues Impressive Expansion

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Leading TEFL Company Continues Impressive Expansion

A leading TEFL academy has reached 30 training locations and is continuing to expand. The progress of theTEFLAcademy is a clear indication of the buoyancy of the TEFL market at the moment.

Belfast, Ireland, August 2015 – theTEFLAcademy has been expanding at an impressive rate over recent years. The academy, which specializes in delivering face to face TEFL course around the UK, has hit 30 venues, and is now the leading TEFL provider in the British Isles. With new venues in York and Limerick, and a larger new venue in Belfast, the company is following through on its commitment to offer accessible TEFL courses the length and breadth of the land.

The TEFL course market has gone from strength to strength over the last 2 decades, fueled by the fashionable trend for young students to take a break before university, or between university and finding a permanent job (https://www.theteflacademy.com/jobsboard). theTEFLAcademy now places students all over the world, including in China, Vietnam, Turkey and Italy.

Andy Norman, Strategy Manager at the academy, explains “there have been lots of factors behind our growth and success. Perhaps the most important is our approach to the job of running TEFL courses. We believe that we need to train students to teach, not just have them earn a certificate. We make sure they leave us with the confidence and practical experience that they need when they reach the classroom. Our 30 locations (https://www.theteflacademy.com/course-location) mean we can train people all over the UK- face to face. We do the things online courses just can’t achieve.”

The TEFL courses run by theTEFLAcademy are accredited by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC) and TQUK. This means the TEFL course qualifications are accepted by more schools and organizations than many other TEFL trainers.  With more new locations coming soon the reach of this impressive company is going to continue to grow over the coming years.

About theTEFLAcademy

theTEFLAcademy has 30 venues around the UK. As the leading TEFL training company in the UK it is continuing to expand, entering new territories and taking on larger venues in existing locations. As well as training students on TEFL, the company is also a leader in the sector, creating and crafting innovations; a true thought leader. To find out more about the company visit www.theteflacademy.com.

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