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Flow Ink’s 1 Year Anniversary


After years of experience in the web design and digital agency industry, it was decided to maximise the use of all this industry knowledge by creating a digital agency called Flowink that helps customers within the digital realm.  Flowink was formed a year ago with the sole intention of delivering the best digital work combined with expert advice gleamed over many years’ experience.

We’re very delighted to celebrate our first birthday with all our customers and because of the success of the business in the last year, we’ve been able to deliver extremely high quality work whilst maintaining a very healthy and loyal customer base. Here are some of the services that we do for our customers and if you want to find out more about our Bishops Stortford based business, please check out our website here, Flowink.co.uk.

Digital Marketing

With the rise of the internet, everyone and anyone is using the computer to buy, sell or find out information on. This is where digital marketing is so important. It helps promote your business online so that customers can find out about your business and what services you offer. In this cut throat highly competitive digital age, doing everything possible to stay ahead of the completion is vital and digital marketing plays an important part in this. Contact us for more information about some of the digital marketing services we offer.

Cutting Edge SEO

Although it could be classed as a form of digital marketing, for us SEO is a separate entity because it requires a specialise set of skills and know how. Our ability to generate interest in a customer’s website depends on our ability to promote them using the latest SEO techniques, methods and guidelines. We constantly have to stay ahead of the curve with these techniques which requires constant learning and research.

Most business would like to be better promoted using SEO but many aren’t sure who to turn to and how it operates but with our company, we make sure we guide the customers through the process and explain to them each step in the SEO process.

Multi Device Website design

With the need for websites to be easy to view on a multitude of devices (tablets, phones, computers etc), the need for an updated and modern website becomes even more important. This is where we can help. With a ton of experience in modern web design techniques such as responsive and flat web design, we can make your old and boring website really pop with some slightly different and original techniques.

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