The Private Investigators at Private Detectives Cardiff Share Useful Tips to Conduct a Good Investigation

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The Private Investigators at Private Detectives Cardiff Share Useful Tips to Conduct a Good Investigation



Concerned by the article “MH370: Investigator with ‘secret service’ links helping French father” ( published in The Telegraph on March 9th 2015, the private investigators at Private Detectives Cardiff share valuable tips with clients to help identify a “good” investigation.

The article in The Telegraph published on March 9th 2015:, tells the story of a British father whose wife and children were lost in flight MH370. The individual complains about the lack of support and concern shown by the French government, which eventually led the victim to hire a private investigator to handle the matter. The victim, Ghyslain Watterlos, says that even a year after the plane’s disappearance, the Malaysian and French governments seem to be just as hopeless as the day the flight went missing. The victim also claimed how the research conducted by the government was merely a façade to keep the victims’ families satisfied, whereas in reality there was no concrete evidence being investigated. Watterlos says no debris of the missing plane was ever found and that the situation was sketchy from the beginning. Watterlos’s wife Laurence, 51, son Adrien, 17, and daughter Ambre, 13, were also among the two hundred and thirty lives lost. Watterlos says there is a grander scheme of things in play as the French government only seemed to be interested in the missing plane once a private investigator was hired to look deeply into the matter. Despite people all over the world presenting different theories, Watterlos talks about the disappointing behaviour of the government in such a crucial matter involving so many lives.

Responding to the article published in The Telegraph, the private investigators at Private Detective Cardiff ( talks about the importance of hiring trained and educated professionals for private investigations. The experts talk about how the training given is based on finding out the truth regardless of the kind of measures required to achieve it. The legally trained professionals speak about how the government and the police often develop an agreement of self-protection, completely ignoring the number of innocent lives that depend on the honesty and competence of authorities. The investigators at Private Detective Cardiff disregard everything other than the mere idea of providing the clients with the bare truth. Based on this approach, the surveys conducted under the investigators’ professional supervision leave no trace unexamined.

The Chief Investigator at Private Detective Cardiff ( talks about the level of importance given to a private investigation. The expert says “When a client comes to us, it means they have done everything else in their power; they have spoken to the police, the government and everyone else in authority. We are their last hope and we understand that better than anyone else. This is why we are not concerned about hurting the government’s pride; we want to provide our client with the truth they are looking for and cannot seem to get their hands on.” The investigator can be reached the company’s phone number (0292 099 0136).

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