The Private Investigators At Coventry Share Tips Involved In Conducting A Thorough Missing Person Search

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The Private Investigators At Coventry Share Tips Involved In Conducting A Thorough Missing Person Search

Based on the article “Burnley abduction: Man charged after girl, six, taken” ( published in BBC News on 30 March 2015, the Private Investigators at Coventry offer useful tips and tricks to conduct a successful missing persons search.

The article published in BBC News on 30 March 2015:, talks about a thirty-three-year old, Imran Khan, being accused of kidnaping a six-year-old girl from Nairne Street in Burnley. The incident is claimed to have occurred on a Thursday around four in the evening. The suspect has also been accused of a sexual assault by convincing a thirteen-year-old girl to engage in sexual activities. As a result of these offences, the suspect has been reprimanded by court.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, the Private Investigators at Coventry, (, share tips involved in conducting a thorough missing person search. The detectives talk about various ways taken up to ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to probing a case and finding the whereabouts of the missing person. In order to ensure that the person gone missing is found, the detectives carry out a sequence of steps. These steps include: 1) Scanning the area where the individual went missing in the first place. This involves taking pictures and collecting clues. 2) The next step is to speak to the missing person’s family and friends. The detectives inform the family of recent miscommunication or misunderstanding that works as the cause of abduction. 3) Next, the steps of the missing individual are retraced from the day and time of abduction. This exposes the detectives to certain clues and signs that might be invisible to the naked eye; these include signs of struggle and force. 4) The people present at the scene of the abduction are then interrogated for further information. Once all the information is collected, the next step is to filter out possible criminals. This phase requires utmost diligence and persistence—qualities that the private detectives in Coventry possess and stress on stringently. The interference of family members and friends is reduced to minimize confusion and the possibility of being led to believe one fact and not another. Using all the above steps, a missing person’s case is resolved.

The chief investigator at Private Investigator Coventry, Lee Hughes, shares the importance of scrutiny and careful consideration when conducting a missing person’s case. The expert says, “We understand the distress and anxiety with which distressed family members contact us. We are their last resort, which is why we have to ensure we do everything we can to ensure the missing individual is brought back to his or her family without much delay. We use all the tools we can that offer assistance in the job. We simply strive for the raw truth without sugarcoating it.” The detective can be contacted via the email address ( or through the company’s phone number (024 7662 9765).

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