The Private Detectives at Wolverhampton Discuss the Benefits of Conducting Thorough Investigations

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The Private Detectives at Wolverhampton Discuss the Benefits of Conducting Thorough Investigations

Based on the article “Ex-nurse at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford admits raping patients” ( published in BBC News on 30 March 2015, the Private Detectives at Wolver Hampton share the advantages of exhausting all possible avenues while solving a case.

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The article published in BBC News on 30 March 2015:, discusses the case of Andrew Hutchinson, a twenty-nine-year-old ex-nurse accused of raping patients admitted at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. The individual was claimed to have carried out twenty-seven rapes, sexual assaults and other atrocities. The individual has been suspected to have spied on women and sexually assaulting a few at the music festival. The victims targeted by the suspect were reportedly aged between ten and thirty-five. Four of the women raped are declared to have been unconscious at the time of the assault. The court has also established that the suspect might have used a camera at times to spy on women and children. All the above offences have been declared to have taken place between the years 2011 and 2013, after which the criminal was exposed by the hospital and later arrested. However, the criminal was not charged up until December 2014 and was sentenced on April 27th of the same year. Once the police began the interrogation, several images and videos of the women and children were found on devices like cameras, memory sticks, USBs—all of which were taken from Hutchinson at various occasions. The security management at the hospital has shown complete support to the victims and have declared Hutchinson to be entirely responsible for the offences carried out over the two years.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, the Private Detectives at Wolver Hampton (, discuss the value of investigation and the various branches of investigative exploration. The branch that the investigators shed light on in terms of the above-mentioned case concerns running thorough background checks. The detectives claim that, by running a background check, several sketchy activities of individuals come to surface—even something as minor as a parking ticket is exposed to the investigators’ probing eyes. Once the first step of investigation is complete, several more techniques such as surveillance cameras and security checks can be conducted to further reiterate the importance of investigation.

The chief investigator at Private Detectives Wolver Hampton, Mark Noble, sheds light on the importance of running thorough investigations in order to ensure and guarantee protection of individuals. The detective says, “We know of both minor and major aspects that can be exposed so easily before anything untoward happens. With simple tools and straightforward steps, we can ensure that anyone our client lets into their homes or their business is trustworthy and does not pose any sort of threat to them. Our job is to provide our clients with complete protection.” The detective can be contacted via the email address ( or through the company’s phone number (01902 582 129).

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