The Private Detectives At Swindon Talk About Ways To Minimize Phone Scam And Crime

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The Private Detectives At Swindon Talk About Ways To Minimize Phone Scam And Crime

Based on the article “Phone theft victims protected from massive bills by £100 cap” ( published in ITV News on 22 March 2015, the Private Detectives at Swindon raise awareness of phone-related crimes and swindles.

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The article published in ITV News on 22 March 2015:, elaborates a case of individuals victimized by mobile phone crime. The targets had been sent extensive phone bills that were, in reality, maneuvered by hackers and phone criminals once after the phone were stolen. The victims were later notified regarding the new measures. Certain mobile companies such as EE, O2, Vodafone, Virgin Media and Three introduced a new system to the phone users promising complete protection against extensive phone bills. According to the new agreement released by the above-mentioned phone companies, phone users are required to report a missing or stolen phone within twenty hours to ensure the bill of the phone does not run up to the criminals’ account but is demanded of the thieves. This proved to be a very useful new clause as it saved several victims who had to pay bills exceeding five figures after the phones had been stolen. The executive of one of the phone companies declared that the victims of phone theft were not required to pay the phone bills after the phone had been stolen. This was after certain victims ended up paying more than twenty three thousand pounds worth of cell phone bills. As a result of these severe financial frauds, the cell phone companies have introduced a liability protection program.

Responding to the article published in ITV News, the Private Detectives at Swindon, (, discussed practical ways in which cellular phone scam and fraud can be regulated and prevented. The experts share tips through which phones can be bugged and the chips registered. This helps the detectives in tracking down the phones that have been lost or stolen. Because of the bug installed in a stolen phone, the devices can be tracked, and the calls and messages being sent and received can be barred to prevent the victims from paying the bills at the end of each month. This way the experts can protect the victims from paying a lot of money. Moreover, the detectives can also help in tracking down the phone and returning it to the rightful owner before any significant damage is done.

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The chief investigator at Private Detectives Swindon, Nicole Long, talks about the importance bugging a phone to prevent cyber scam. The detective says, “There is a simple way in which we can minimize the entire scope of cyber scam. With bugs, we can easily track down the messages and calls the thieves are making while posing as someone else. We are there simply to ensure the complete financial protection of our clients.” The detective can be contacted via the email address ( or through the company’s phone number (01793 940 105).

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