The London Private Detectives Share Ways in Which All Kinds of Frauds Can Be Prevented

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The London Private Detectives Share Ways in Which All Kinds of Frauds Can Be Prevented

Based on the article published in BBC News, “Chester ‘cash-for-crash’ bus fraud: Ringleader sentenced,” ( on 27 April 2015, the London Private Detectives share ways in which different types of frauds can be prevented on both minor and major scales.


The London Private Detectives Share Ways in Which All Kinds of Frauds Can Be Prevented

The article published in BBC News on 27 April 2015:, talks about a forty-two-year old individual, John Smith, who staged and dramatized several accidents involving a dreaded bus scam to allow individuals to make false injury claims. The individual has been jailed for six years after the recent scandal. The police have confirmed the involvement of at least thirteen individuals in the fake fraudulent cases. The police have also confirmed that the scam has cost more than a million dollars. The suspect was jailed for three months for the fraudulent activities and for six years given the scale and magnitude of the conspiracy. The incidents are said to have occurred between 2010 and 2012. Smith has been declared as a managing director behind more than two hundred and twenty personal injury claims with a rough number of one hundred and seventy seven accidents. It was claimed that the investigation was very difficult, daunting and complex because of the consistent success of the fake claims.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, London Private Detectives (, spoke out about the increased number of money laundering cases being conducted through various supposedly “verified” websites. The experts at London Private Detectives have stressed the need to find the suspects responsible for such major financial losses so that the matter can be brought to justice. The Process servers and enquiry officers gave reference to the above-mentioned story, and urged clients, and large scale businesses to take extra measures to ensure something like this does not happen again. The experts urged the need to conduct proper checks to prevent major frauds and legal intervention, and highlighted various steps to minimize the chances of corporate fraud. Prevention will decrease many money related crimes and it will stop people from conning others. The investigators and detectives are coached efficiently, with the finest use of technological surveillance tactics that come in handy when tracing fraudsters.

The Chief Investigator at London Private Detectives, Christine Alexander, sheds light on the different ways that can prevent fraud. The expert says, “We try and work towards an effective and efficient system to assist and aid our clients when it comes to making wise choices. You cannot log onto a website and make a large payment without verifying, though even that may not be enough. There are many extreme measures to be taken. We have designed many bugged software systems that identify a criminal before a website does. This ensures our clients do not suffer without a chance of reimbursement.” The expert can be contacted via the company’s email address ( or through the official telephone number (020 7125 0053).

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