Private Investigators Maidstone Offer Help When It Comes To Scam Incidences

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Private Investigators Maidstone Offer Help When It Comes To Scam Incidences

In light of the article in The Telegraph, dated 4 February 2015:eBay buyer scammed into paying £300for photo of Apple Macbook; Private Investigators Maidstone offers help and advice when it comes to scam incidences.

According the article published by The Telegraph, dated 4 February 2015: ; Paul Barrington, 38-year-old, from IIfracombe was tricked into spending hundreds of pounds on a laptop that never arrived. Mr. Paul Barrington told the North Devon Journal that he invested in the MacBook, which costs up to £1,500 brand new, to start a new wedding Dj business. Mr. Barrington, a Devon man who flogged his surfboard to raise the £300 he needed to purchase the Apple MacBook on eBay after he bagged a bargain, but knew the deal was too good to be true as soon as he felt the featherweight package. Paul who sold his belongings to buy a new laptop could not believe it when he was cruelly sent a photo of the computer instead. A similar case had occurred in 2013 when a father was duped into paying £450 for a photo of an Xbox one on the online auction site. An eBay spokesman said that it was a “very rare” incident, adding they take “the issue of fraud very seriously.” eBay said: “We’ll make sure he gets a refund as soon as possible and investigate the circumstance around this sale.”

Upon reading the article in The Telegraph, Private Investigators Maidstone ( offers help and advice how scam cases can be well handled by experts. Private Investigators Maidstone has a staff that has been in this field for over 25 years with a lot of experience to handle any case brought forward to them. Scammers and fraudsters are on the rise with the ever advancing technology, to avoid such cases in future people should hire Private Investigators to check on them, detect and tackle such cases very early. Also Private Investigators Maidstone have advanced technology that can handle tackle different cases be it fraud, scam, theft and assault among other incidences. With well planned methods and the highly skilled Team, Private Investigators Maidstone will help you get accurate information as long as you give them the information they require to carry out the investigation. Private Investigators Maidstone has Investigators who worked as military, in the police and in government agencies enabling them to tackle cases from personal to Commercial with a lot of professionalism.


Douglas Bryant, Chief Investigator, Private Investigators Maidstone ( tells people to seek assistance immediately they take note of such cases. Private Investigators Maidstone offer exemplary investigation services as they have a team which keeps your case and information secret or confidential. Chief Investigator, Private Investigator Maidstone, Douglas Bryant advises people to hire their services as their charges are favorable but they will ensure that their clients get accurate information. Douglas Bryant, Chief Investigator at Private Investigator Maidstone can be contacted on 01622 260 086.

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