Private Investigator Christie Moore Reports Employers Pledge Support to Improve Workers’ Health

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Private Investigator Christie Moore Reports Employers Pledge Support to Improve Workers’ Health

A report with the title “Employers Pledge Support to Improve Workers’ Health” was published in the guardian on date 13th May, 2015 by Saba Salman. The report explains the fact that how the employers are insisting on improving worker’s health and thereby bringing the workplace wellness. (

Private Investigator Christie Moore Reports Employers Pledge Support to Improve Workers' Health

Nowadays every business organization are giving emphasis on their employee’s health role and around 400 pledges are signed to support the ‘responsibility deal’ led by the Department of Health as reported by the private investigator C.Moore ( Well-being at the workplace will minimize the absenteeism and productivity will be improved. A recently conducted research reveals £100b of annual loss for the UK economy due to ill health during working years. Thereby well-being in work place will bring improvement in business sector. The government sponsored Frost/Black report of 2011 explains the early treatment with workplace health facility and physiotherapy can prevent the sickness and thereby the absenteeism. Consequently, the employers are now understanding the value of public health role and signed pledges to support the public health “responsibility deal” led by the Department of Health. This pledge include four areas that covers alcohol, food, health and physical activity. A recent report by the House of Commons health committee, which deals with the impact of diet and physical activity on health, explains the need and purpose of the responsibility deal and reveals that by imposing more regulation the effect can be more prominent. Wakefield and District Housing (WDH), Yorkshire has signed the government’s responsibility deal. The wellness programme conducted by the company has helped cut sickness absence by 40% in the past five years. Musculoskeletal problems among the workers doing manual jobs are diagnosed there. Andrew Chesworth, WDH human resources manager, explains the role of physiotherapy is to ensure wellness of the workplace. This is because his employees play a significant role to the organization, through enforcing high standards and bringing success to the industry. He says, “ We want happy, well-motivated employees and part of that is looking after their wellbeing.”

Camden and Islington NHS foundation trust has also supported the deal promoting public health among the working professionals. Government’s 2009 Boorman Report explains that staff sickness leave cost the health service around £1.7bn each year. In addition, a report by Arthritis Research UK reveals that musculoskeletal problem among NHS staff, leads to a loss of about £400m every year. Zipporah Jempeji, the trust’s human resources, wellbeing and benefits manager states, “We need to practice what we preach”. She also views, “At least one day of week, there’s something people can do. For frontline staff to be physically and mentally healthy is so important. This has a direct impact on patient care and that’s the most important thing”. Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) promotes physical activity in work places to reduce sickness absentee.

With various methods to improve wellbeing at work and its effect on implementation, there is no reason for organizations not to grasp their general wellbeing as the chief investigator ( explains Christie adds, “Those who don’t see this as being at the top of the agenda need to take a second look.”

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