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Private Investigator Bristol Provide a Professional Service Tracing Missing Persons



The Private Investigators at Private Investigator Bristol Come Up With Tactful Ways To Find Missing Persons

Concerned by the article “Becky Watts: Body parts found in hunt for missing Bristol teenager” ( published in The Telegraph on March 3rd 2015, the private investigators at Private Investigator Bristol talk about various useful and fool proof ways whereby a missing person search must be conducted.

The article in The Telegraph published on March 3rd 2015:, speaks of Beck Watts, a 16-year-old girl who went missing and led the police to suspect various people in connection with possible murders. While the search was being conducted, the police came across chopped body parts in Bristol that were suspected to belong to the girl, if not of the five people murdered earlier. After the parts were found, the police were forced to arrest five people on suspicion of the girl’s murder and that of several others. While Becky’s family is being kept updated, the information is still not enough for the police to be able to declare an official report. The search led the police to visit a house at Barton Court in Bristol, after which it was confirmed that the body parts were indeed Becky’s. After the police made this discovery, four other men were arrested in the matter. As the police continue to run searches, the victim’s family passed a report wondering why someone would want to harm a sixteen-year-old teenager in such a ruthless manner. As the police continued to find suspects, the final two suspects, a man and a woman in the twenties, were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, which was later confirmed as murder.

Responding to the article published in The Telegraph, the investigators at Private Investigator Bristol ( talk about the level of discretion and concern required to run an accurate and reliable missing person research. The experts share tactful ways that include interviews, surveys and retracement of activities undertaken by the victim a week before the actual incident. The experts talk about the way such intricate steps eventually lead to minor, but nevertheless important, details. The minor details help in the formulation of a coherent and concrete report with all the answers required.

The Chief Investigator at Private Investigator Bristol ( talks about the importance of conducting accurate and careful missing person research. The investigator goes on to say, “A missing person case may sound like an ordinary matter, but in fact it is of great concern. Sometimes, certain families do not wish for their troubles to be disclosed and that makes our job even harder, to work with minimal information and still provide results. Our tactic is simple; we retrace the steps of the missing person in unimaginable ways. We ensure that whoever is missing and no matter for how long, is brought back to their family as soon as practically possible.” The investigator can be reached via the company’s phone number (0117 339 0302).


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