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Private Investigator Bath Offers Advice Concerning Investigations



In light of the article published by The Telegraph, dated 16 March 2015:Pension cold calls and texts ‘will be like PPI plague’, warns minister; Private Investigators Bath offers advice when it comes to seeking investigations services.

According to the article in The Telegraph, dated16 March 2015: , Steve Webb, says be prepared to be bombarded with rogue texts and calls, as new scam warnings are sent to pension savers. From April, savers who try to withdraw money from their pensions will receive leaflets embossed with the image of a scorpion to warn against scams, as minister fears fraudsters are ‘clustering’ for a £5 billion bounty. More than 500,000 people are expected to withdraw money as the rules change to allow unlimited access to pension funds. Steve Webb said fraudsters were copying PPI claims company tactics of indiscriminately sending text messages and cold calling people. Currently the best rate on savings account is at 4 per cent a year offered on the three-year NS&I “pensioner bond”. Mr. Webb said: “If you’ve been offered a high return, you will be risking your money at best, but at worst it could be someone enticing you to give your money over and you’ll never see it again.” He added, “You can spend years saving into a pension only to find yourself tricked out of your money in the blink of an eye by these unscrupulous crooks, who are now clustering around old savers.” A meeting was scheduled to discuss the measures that were going to be embraced to protect the savers by the Department of work, the Treasury, Pensions, HM Revenue & Customs, the Financial Conduct Authority among, other financial bodies. Mr. Steve Webb urged every person to use a law that was passed to make it an offence to impersonate Pensions wise.

After reading the article described in The Telegraph, Private Investigator Bath ( advises to be very keen and hire investigators to protect them by finding out any kind of fraud in good time. Private Investigators at Private Investigator Bath offer services of a very high quality as a person can call and be offered advice over the phone free of charge. Private Investigator Bath brings forward all the possible measures that your case can be tackled from with everything being kept very confidential. For accurate and prompt results, hire Private Investigator Bath as they have very skilled personnel who have a lot of experience in the investigation field. Also, Private Investigator Bath use efficient methods and techniques to handle different cases that leads them to obtain accurate information always.

Chief Investigator, Cheryl David ( requests people to be taking prompt action when faced with cases of fraud, theft, matrimonial and other incidences. Private Investigator Bath ( offers one of the best investigation services in town at such a low cost but you’re guaranteed to obtain accurate results. Chief Investigator, Cheryl David can be contacted on 01225 650 106.

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