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Private Detectives Worcester Gives Advice Concerning Fraudsters

After reading the article in The Telegraph, dated 6 February 2015:Lithuanian fraudster used ‘clever’ scam to steal £32,000 from John Lewis; Private Detectives Worcester gives advice concerning fraudsters.

According to the article published by The Telegraph, dated 6 February 2015: ; Laima Butke, from Lithuania, spent more than 18 months putting her con into practice at branches of the store ‘John Lewis’ all over the country was jailed for 19-months after the judge, condemned her saying she had hurt a decent company. Laima, a fraudster conned John Lewis out of more than £30,000 by claiming bogus refunds using a ‘clever’ scam. The 55-year-old nanny managed to steal a total of £32,254 before she was eventually caught in a police sting operation in December 2014 that caught her trying the technique at one of the department store, Aylesbury Crown Court heard. Butke’s techniques involved her visiting a branch of John Lewis where she could use one of her six credit cards to buy hundreds of pounds worth of clothing which she would later return and claim the money back. The court also heard that her activities took place in chunks between May 2013 and December 2014, where she could visit branches of the department store in London, Southampton, Cambridge, High Wycombe, Kingston Upon Thames and Leicester. John Lewis Investigators detected the fraud after they noticed the unusual number of refunds showing up on credit cards registered to burke. Sentencing her, Judge Francis Sheridan said: “You are thoroughly dishonest. What you did is you went in, took an item, you’d come back the next day and claim you didn’t have the receipt.”

After reading the article in The Telegraph, Private Detectives Worcester ( gives advice on how to tackle fraudsters and other cases of fraud. Private Detectives Worcester advises people to report such cases with agency for the investigation to start taking place immediately which also helps obtain accurate information. Private Detectives Worcester work 24/7 which allows you to report or communicate your problem any time be it for advice or investigation. Investigators at Private Detective Worcester are experienced and highly skilled to tackle any case be it fraud or even assault cases, as long as you bring it forward and disclose some information that will give them a lead. Cases such as fraud require good techniques and the right devices which help in the tracking and getting down to source accurate information that is needed.

Clare Bishop, Chief Investigator at Private Detectives Worcester ( discusses ways to handle fraudster cases. Chief Investigator, Clare Bishop advises people to hire Private Detectives Worcester as they offer great investigation services but at a minimum cost. Private Detectives Worcester are licensed with a great background and experience from the military, government agencies and the police that makes them handle any kind of case be it personal or business related with a lot of professionalism. Chief Investigator, Clare Bishop can be contacted on 01905 560 262.

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