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Private Detectives Oxford Provides Advice Concerning Tracking Devices



Upon reading the article in BBC New, dated 24 March 2015: Bee behavior mapped by tiny trackers; Private Detectives Oxford provides advice concerning tracking devices.

In light of the article published by BBC News, dated 24 March 2015: ; Dr. Mark O’Neill designed a new tiny tracker to monitor bee bahaviour that is being tested by ecologists at Kew Gardens in London. The tiny tracker device has a reach of up to 2.5m (8.2ft), unlike the previous models which were restricted to 1cm (0.4m). They are 8mm (0.3in) high and 4.8mm (1.9in) wide with a standard radio frequency identification chip and a specially designed aerial, with which Dr. O’Neill created to be thinner and lighter compared to other models used to track small insects, which allows him to boost the range. Dr. Mark O’Neill, an engineer and a technical director at the Newcastle-based tech firm Tumbling Dice, made the tiny tracker from off-the- shelf technology and is based on equipment used to track pallets in warehouses. The device is stuck on the bees especially the worker bee as it does not mate with a superglue in a process which takes 5 to 10 minutes. Readers, used to pick up a signal from the kit, are then connected to Raspberry Pi computers, which then log the readings. Dr. Sarah Barlow, a restoration ecologist from Kew Gardens, was involved in testing the as-yet unnamed trackers, said : “These tags are a big step forward in radio technology and no one has a decent medium to long range tag yet that is suitable for flying on small insects.” Dr. O’Neill created the tiny trackers with the idea of having readers dotted around a hive and flower patch in order to track the signals as bees move around freely in the wild.

After reading the article in BBC News, Private Detectives Oxford ( gives advice on how to handle tracking devices. With all the challenges faced by people to install and use tracking devices, these devices require you to hire a highly qualified private investigator to handle your incidence. Private Detectives Oxford is well equipped with the latest technology and methods that can handle any kind of tracking. Investigators at Private Detectives Oxford have a lot of experience of over 25 years in this field who have worked in the police and military, hence, they can work in with people of all backgrounds, nature and types of cases. Private Detectives Oxford offer very wide services and have a great team (male or female) who listens to your case before taking the necessary action that you’re involved in.

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