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Private Detectives Oxford Provides Advice Concerning Tracking Devices

Concerned with the article published in BBC News on February 13th 2015, “How Cyber Cops Are Taking The Fight To Online Fraudsters” (, the private detectives at Southampton provide valuable and useful tips to avoid such incidents and individuals.

The article in BBC News published on February 13th 2015:, talks about the lack of limitations and restrictions with respect to the usage of internet that has resulted in immense difficulty when it comes to tracing and catching cyber criminals. A malware program has been introduced which directly impacts an alleged sum of a million computers all over the world. The virus works by traveling from one affected computer system to another in the form of notorious emails and filtered attachments. Upon opening such attachments the bank details of individuals are directly provided to the hacker. This makes it easy for the suspect to carry out the desired transaction without any trouble. Whenever a new policy is introduced for protection, hackers somehow find a new way to break through the software. This has led to a lot of stress for individuals running large scale businesses that are prone to massive losses through cyber fraud. The process of tracing individuals who are carrying out such hacks is rather extensive and time consuming. The cyber protection program is being paid a lot of extra attention in order to set up safe protection software for all computers and to make a prominent change in cyber-crime.

Responding to the article published in BBC News, the Private detectives at Southampton,, state the importance of protecting oneself from such frauds. With the increased use of social media platforms, emails and similar programs, the detectives urge users to increase their protection as well. The use of such software has now become widely common via cell-phones and electronic tablets. Criminals can easily hack through these gadgets for their desired fraudulent activities. Detectives stress upon the importance of thorough reading through the privacy policy and the careful scrutiny that follows. Users should not abruptly open and respond to notorious emails; rather such emails should be ignored and deleted immediately. It is through these precautions alongside the installation of certain software that private detectives at Southampton provide individuals all over the world with the desired protection. This will ensure that the access to personal information is not only limited but rather difficult to attain.

The chief investigator at Private Detectives Southampton, Chris Willis shares personal perspectives regarding the subject of fraud : “It is so easy to gain access to someone’s laptop or computer. People enter their personal details instantly when they come across something that is even remotely enticing. We install certain anti-virus software in their computers that will filter out viruses before they harm the computer internally.” Chris Willis can be reached via email: ( or through the company’s phone number (023 8020 0128).

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